We had a bunch of heavy hitters air TV spots. From “Oz The Great and Powerful” to “Iron Man 3”, this year’s potential blockbusters were out in full force. And while they had varying degrees of success, the one that got me the most excited might surprise you. No, it wasn’t “The Lone Ranger”, that still is a tough sell for me. It was “Fast and the Furious Six”. The action looks ridiculous. The plot looks like it’s straight out of a soap opera. And yet, that over the top action, the humor and just fun tone that made “Fast Five” my favorite action film in 2010, is making “Fast and Furious 6” one of my most anticipated movies of the year. And that’s not a joke. Director Justin Lin has figured out that this series works best as pretty much a live-action cartoon. And you know what? That’s fine by me. Because “Fast Five” was so much fun. And “Fast and the Furious Six” looks to deliver more of the same. As soon as the scene with the exploding plane hit the screens, it sold me on it. Realistic? Obviously not. A whole hell of a lot of fun? Hell yes. With Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson giving the series two stars (Sorry Paul Walker), this film looks like it’s one summer movies were made for.

What was your favorite?

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