Well, this is certainly interesting. Microsoft and Sony sought to steal the spotlight during E3 2013. Microsoft went first. After the debacle that was the Xbox One, Microsoft unveiled game after game. Titles included a new “Halo” game, “Metal Gear Solid V”, “Forza MotorSport 5”, “Titanfall” and “Killer Instinct”. Ir was an impressive array of games. Then the price was announced. $499. $499? That seems way too high. Microsoft wants the Xbox One to be an all-in-one entertainment box, but I can guarantee you that people like me, who aren’t hardcore gamers, are very hesitant to drop that kind of money for a new product like this.

Then, Sony was up. If all Sony did was reveal that you could buy, play and share used games the same way you always could, it would be a success. But Sony did that and more. It went after the jugular. The PlayStation 4 supports used games, doesn’t require an online connection to play games and will sell for $399. A full $100 cheaper. For customers like me, that makes a world of difference.

The news pleased fans so much, it’s easy to forget that there weren’t really any new killer games shown. But none of that mattered for Sony. It was mission accomplished. And for Microsoft, heck even Nintendo, I’d be squirming in my seat.

Lukas Eggen can be reached at eggen.lukas@gmail.com.