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What a game. Green Bay completes a Hail Mary pass. Rodgers to Rodgers. Packers 27, Detroit 23.


During the post game press conference Aaron Rodgers had this to say: “You live for those moments.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Sports aren’t just a hobby of mine. My parents were raised as lifelong Packers fans. Most of my aunts and uncles and brothers and sisters are Packers fans. But it’s not just something we watch and talk about. It’s so much more.

Sports give my family something in common, regardless of age and sex. Sports can give you all of life’s emotions: Happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, humor and everything in between.

Tonight, was one of my best sports memories I’ll ever have. Tonight, for a moment, sports proved how, if only for a moment, it can pull you in; how, no matter what else is going on in your life, for a moment, you can be part of a shared experience; how after the simple act of throwing and catching a ball can make you forget anything that’s troubling you.

Tonight, the Packers provided me with one of most exciting, special sports moments I’ll ever have.

Tonight, I had one of those moments you live for.



When Nike released new uniforms for all 32 NFL teams, was there any doubt that it was a cash grab? From the drastic changes for the Seattle Seahawks to other teams with subtle changes, it looked like Nike was on its way to taking over the NFL so to speak. Not so fast.

The Green Bay Packers (and later the Eagles) said no to the new redesigns. It’s nice to see a franchise step up like this. You know, I was against Nike’s college uniforms. And this is just dumb. For all the “technology” that goes into these new jerseys, let me ask them something. Would those jerseys have made a difference when Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews and company won the Super Bowl? Would Bart Starr have lost the Super Bowl if the new jerseys existed? How about Brett Favre? The answer is no. A team wins because its the best team at that time.

It’s not like the NFL needs stupid publicity stunts like this. It’s already the country’s most popular sport.

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The Green Bay Packers are one of the most storied franchises in the NFL. Lambeau Field currently seats 73,128 fans and is the oldest operating stadium in the NFL. The good news for the more than 80,000 fans on the season-ticket waiting list? The Packers plan to add 6,600 seats in the end zones by the 2013 season. Even better news? The Packers said it will fund the project itself, most likely through a stock sale which would allow more fans to own a part of the Packers.

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Thank you President Obama. The Green Bay Packers got its visit to the White House and to see President Obama. What was especially sweet about it? President Obama is a life long Chicago Bears fan. Obama received a personalized jersey and shares in the team. He suggested the Packers trade Aaron Rodgers to the Bears. Understandable. Jay Cutler isn’t getting you anywhere. He also said Charles Woodson is a man of his word, referring to a signed jersey that said “See you at the White House.”

If only politicians were men of their words…but that’s a whole different issue.

Lukas Eggen can be reached at eggen.lukas@gmail.com.