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Riz Ahmed “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” has joined the “Venom” film in an undisclosed role.

The film will take place in the same world as Tom Holland’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming” but will not be connected to the MCU.

Tom Hardy (“Dunkirk”) has already signed on to the film. Ruben Fleischer (“Zombieland”) will direct.


Potential big spoilers for Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”.

Rumors are that the sequel, which features Jamie Foxx as Electro, Paul Giamatti as Rhino and Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn, who becomes the Green Goblin has some bigger plans in mind. Comic Book Movie is reporting that the already cast Colm Feore is playing the Vulture and that he will be joining Electro, Rhino and the Green Goblin to begin to form the Sinister Six, which will be the main antagonists in “The Amazing Spider-Man 3”. Of course, that would leave two spaces open. In the comics, Mysterio, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter and Doctor Octopus all were part of the team. But with that tease to Venom, perhaps Venom takes one of the spots for the movies? Anyways, all this is pure speculation and that would be a lot of villains to juggle in one movie. Sam Raimi struggled with Sandman and Venom in “Spider-Man 3” so more isn’t always better. But the thought certainly is enticing. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone return as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, respectively.

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Not Venom, But, we already know Jamie Foxx is playing Electro in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”. And that Paul Giamatti is playing Rhino. Of course Andrew Garfield is back as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Emma Stone is back as Gwen. Now comes some big news. Chris Cooper is playing Norman Osborn in the film! Yep we will finally see Oscorp’s dying boss in the sequel directed once again by Marc Webb. Hm. So that would make three villains in this film. That’s half way to setting up a sinister six…Add in that locker that liked a lot like the one from the comics that contained the goo that turned people into Venom and that’s four. The Lizard would make five…

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No, at least not at this point, Eddie Brock isn’t in Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”. But could Venom be coming anyways? Webb recently tweeted a photo of a locker, which you can see here. It looks an awful lot like the one that, in the Ultimate universe, Peter Parker and Eddie Brock are childhood friends and whose fathers were scientists together. They discover the symbiote that will become Venom in a locker.

Wait a second. Harry Osborn in the film is described as being an old friend. Obviously, Parker’s dad worked for Oscorp, meaning they could have been scientists together…is Harry taking over the Venom mantle for the movies? Of course Electro and Rhino have already been confirmed, so could this just be another step in setting up the Sinister Six?

I suppose it’ll be a while until we find out, but the film stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Paul Giamatti, Dane DeHaan, Shailene Woodley and Sally Field.

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“The Amazing Spider-Man” may have been overshadowed by “The Dark Knight Rises” and “The Avengers”, but it still made more than $700 million worldwide. That’s good enough for Sony who announced director Marc Webb will be returning to direct the sequel. Andrew Garfield is of course returning as Peter Parker and Emma Stone is in talks to return as Gwen Stacey. I had mixed feelings about the first film. It seemed as though a lot of footage was cut, even from the trailers, footage that I think would have made the film better by exploring Spidey’s backstory more and about his parents. There was also that weird tease at the end with the man able to teleport in and out of a room. I think Webb needs to ratchet up the action, it was seriously lacking in the first film. Now, it remains to be seen whether the Venom movie can get on track fast enough to tie in.

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With “The Amazing Spider-Man” doing decent business, Sony is thinking about the sequel, which it announced to be coming out summer 2014. What was unsure was whether director Marc Webb (“500 Days of Summer”) would return. Sony is willing to let him back in the chair, if he signs a two-picture contract, something not normal for directors. “The Amazing Spider-Man” starred Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield as Gwen Stacey and Peter Parker, but received mixed reviews.

Do you think Webb is a necessity for the series? There seemed to be a lot of scenes from the trailer that didn’t make the final cut of the movie, leading me to believe Webb lost some sort of editing battle. But, I’m not sure Webb is cut out to handle the spectacle and action part of a summer blockbuster. Instead of having Josh Trank do a Venom movie, why not let him have a crack at Spidey?

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Since “Chronicle” was a surprise hit, director Josh Trank has been a hot commodity. He’s attached to the “Venom” movie, the “Fantastic Four” reboot, “Shadow of the Colossus” and “The Red Star”. Looks like he may have bitten off more than he can chew. With Fox scrambling to get “Daredevil” into production so its rights don’t revert back to Marvel in the fall and the studio already gearing up to film “X-Men: First Class 2”, the earliest Trank’s “Fantastic Four” reboot would film would be the second half of next year. Warner Brothers hopes to have “The Red Star” in theaters in 2014, meaning that film would have to film at some point in 2013 as well. Either Trank is going to have to have an abbreviated post production process, or if there’s any delays at all, he could have to choose between projects. Which comic would you rather see him take?

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Josh Trank has become a hot property after directing the surprise hit “Chronicle” earlier this year. Already attached to Sony’s “Venom” film and “The Red Star”, it has been confirmed tha Trank is taking on the “Fantastic Four” reboot for Fox. Fox expects this project to be the first he directs, according to reports. No surprise Fox is hoping to move quickly with the success of “The Avengers” and “The Amazing Spider-Man”, they’d likely want to get back in the game.

Some bad news for Fox is that director David Slade has left the “Daredevil” reboot. Fox must begin filming this fall or the rights will revert back to Marvel, which I don’t think is necessarily a bad thing.

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In an interview with Super Hero Hype, producers Matt Tolmach and Avi Arad (“The Amazing Spider-Man”) talk about the reboot, Sam Raimi and an interesting bit about their plans for the Spidey universe.

SHH: Do you feel like you need to stay away from some of the villains that have appeared in the Sam Raimi movies? Or can you redefine them within the context of this new Spider-Man?

Arad: Well, not really. There are so many ways to paint these villains, all of them. As you know, one of the great sagas in the Spider-Man universe is of course the Sinister Six. I think Avengers did okay the last time I looked.

Tolmach: It’s going to be okay.

Arad: Yeah, it will survive.

SHH: So are you suggesting you’re going to do five Spider-Man movies introducing each villain and then the sixth movie will have the Sinister Six?

Tolmach: It seems like a good model.

Arad: It all depends on the stories that one wants to tell, because Spider-Man is really more a depth kind of a story, we have to be careful how many villains we can service, because a relationship with a villain has to be such that it’s a story on his own. We attempted to do multiple villains–you’ve been there–you just need screen time to do it.

Ok…the sinister six?! That sounds good in theory, except, “The Avengers” had multiple heros, not villains, to set up. And, that means they’ll have to choose which villains will be in the Sinister Six. Of course, in the comics, the group included at various points Vulture, Sandman, Electro, Mysterio, Doc Ock, Kraven the Hunter, Hobgoblin, Shocker, Scorpion, Venom, Chameleon, Lizard, Hydro-Man, Hammerhead, Boomerang, Green Goblin, Tombstone and Rhino, to name a few. The plan to introduce a villain for the group means Spidey would have to be more than a trilogy. Lizard is there, obviously. Then, there’s the Venom movie, there’s two. Which other four would you want to see? It’d be hard to imagine Norman Osborn/Green Goblin not leading the group, so there’s half your spots taken. For our sakes, I hope Hydro-Man, Hammerhead, Rhino, Hobgoblin, Boomerang and Tombstone are out. But, since the combination of humans and animals plays a big role, Rhino might actually be in. I’d rather see Shocker, Doc Ock and Kraven the Hunter for a nice mix. If they go animal themed though, Scorpion maybe and Chameleon?

It also means all those theories about Mysterio at the end of “The Amazing Spider-Man” may in fact, have a little more credence than I originally thought.  What would your ideal Sinister Six be?

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Warning: Spoilers

Ok. So, at the end of Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man”, Dr. Connors/The Lizard is sitting in his cell when a mysterious figure seems to transport into his cell asking if he told Peter Parker about his father (part of the scene is in the trailer). The man then disappears. Actor Rhys Ifans told comicbookmovie.com this about the scene: “Connors is sent to an asylum, a high-security asylum, as you would be if you threw police towers across the Brooklyn Bridge. And he’s visited by, shall we say, a representative from Oscorp. How he gets into that cell and how he leaves that cell without the guards knowing? We have yet to find out.”

Webb said the figure may not be the main villain in the next film, but will play a role.

The most common theory is that it is Norman Osborn. That would make sense…except in a different interview, Ifans said that it was not, in fact Osborn, but someone affiliated with the company. He also said it is someone fans should be familiar with. There are theories that it is Richard Parker, Mysterio (I really hope it’s not), Chameleon (I really, really hope it’s not) to the Green Goblin and almost everything in between, even Electro.

Frankly, this is one of the worst teaser scenes ever. The best ones should leave people guessing, but have clues. There are no tangible clues here. Osborn makes the most sense. The Green Goblin is Spidey’s arch enemy, much like the Joker is to Batman, but if he’s not going to be the main villain, that doesn’t make sense obviously. Who knows? As a side note: I really hope they introduce Eddie Brock in the sequel. Give Venom a proper set up. But, who do you guys think the figure is?

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