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The first weekend in June is here. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn finally reunite after “Wedding Crashers” with “The Internship” while Ethan Hawke returns to horror after “Sinister” with “The Purge”. Can either knock off “Fast and Furious 6” from the top spot?

After “Wedding Crashers” earned $209 million in 2005, a team up with Wilson and Vaughn seemed like a sure fire hit. Eight years later, however, and “The Internship” looks bad. It looks dated, is surprisingly light on laughs and…well…feels like it should have come out in 2006. Still, viewers might be willing to give this a shot, especially with “The Hangover Part III” disappointing a lot of fans, but this one will struggle to break $20 million.

Opening weekend: $15-20 million

That would open the door for “The Purge” where a family must fight off home invaders during a 12-hour period when crime is legal. Hawke scored a hit with “Sinister”. And this film seems a bit like “The Strangers” but on a larger scale. That film opened to a little over $20 million and there’s no reason this shouldn’t beat it because of price inflation and should take the top spot this weekend.

Opening weekend: $20-25 million

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One month is in the books for the summer movie season. What was your favorite? A little note, I didn’t get to see really any of the smaller releases since I don’t live in a major town. But I did my best.

Here’s how I would rank them:

1. “Fast and Furious 6”: This may not be the “best film” in terms of acting and script, but it’s the most fun I’ve had at the movies in a long time. It’s big, loud, completely outrageous and a heck of a good time. Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Paul Walker and the rest provide one of the best summer action movies I’ve seen.

2. “Iron Man 3”: Erased “Iron Man 2” from my memory (for the most part). I loved the Ben Kingsley twist and, aside from a few misgivings, was an enjoyable romp.

3. “Star Trek Into Darkness”: It’s an uneven film tonally and pace wise. Also, is very emotional in parts, yet glosses over other parts. Still, a solid film, but not the leap forward many of us were hoping for, despite Benedict Cumberbatch providing a great Khan.

4. “The Great Gatsby”: I wanted to like this film. But, as I stated in my review, it seems Baz Luhrmann romanticized the very thing the book sought to de-romanticize. It was a waste of a great performance from Leonardo DiCaprio.

5. “Now You See Me”: Great cast wasted on poor story and poor execution.

6. “The Hangover Part III”: Just god awful.

7. “After Earth”: Even more awful.

I didn’t see “Epic” and have yet to see “Before Midnight”. What was your favorite film of May?

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It was supposed to be one of the most competitive weekends this summer, but Memorial Day weekend saw “Fast and Furious 6” dominate. The film earned an estimated $96 million over the three day weekend and $120 million over four days. “The Hangover Part III” opened to less than half of that with a $41 million three day start and now has a five day start of $63 million. “Epic” is off to a $42 million four day start.

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Two highly anticipated sequels and one new film on the block look to take advantage of the lucrative Memorial Day weekend. What film will come out on top?

This is going to come down to a (pardon the pun) race between “The Hangover Part III” and “Fast and Furious 6”. Todd Phillips’ latest wisely decided to open one day early. But this one has a lot working against it. The second film opened big a couple of years back, but then went away quickly, not even matching its predecessor, despite opening twice as big. Third films in franchises, (“Shrek the Third”, “Spider-Man 3”, “The Matrix Revolutions”) rarely perform as well as the first two installments. And the second one was hated by critics and fans a like. This one’s getting trashed by the critics too, so this one won’t come close to the first two film’s grosses. Still, a five-day opening of $95-105 million seems possible, but expect it also to fade fast.

“Fast and Furious 6” on the other hand is hot on the heels of “Fast Five”, which became the highest grossing film in the franchise and the most critically loved one as well. The film sees Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson return, as well as Michelle Rodriguez and a lot of others. Luke Evans joins as the villain. This film may have a tough time matching the last film because of all the competition this summer, but Universal clearly believes in this film, hiring “Saw” director James Wan to take over from Justin Lin for “Fast and Furious 7”. This one has a lot of pent up demand and is a lot more accessible than “The Hangover Part III”, though it still targets males.

A four-day opening north of $100 million should be the standard (If you include Thursday night shows).

“Epic” seems like the odd film out. It should be a hit. It’s the first animated film since “The Croods” and families will be looking for a movie to see. But, animated action films always tend to be a tougher sell and previews have given off very different tones for the film. A voice cast that includes Pit Bull, Christoph Waltz, Amanda Seyfreid, Beyonce and Colin Farrell is an interesting mix. And this one should be a modest hit over the four-day weekend. However, this is also a film that could break out in a big way if families are determined to see a film, though I think most will wait for “Despicable Me 2” and “Monsters University”. But I think a four-day opening of $45 million plus is within reach.

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With “Iron Man 3” and “The Great Gatsby’ performing well, some movie had to underperform. It looks like that’s “Star Trek Into Darkness”. The film earned $70.6 million over the weekend and $84.1 over its first four days, which is actually a tad bit lower than the last film made and well below expectations of a $100 million four-day start. It’s not so much that J.J. Abrams’ latest was bad, it got an “A” score from audiences. But with steep competition and anticipation for “The Hangover Part III” and “Fast and Furious 6” next weekend, it’s likely this film just didn’t appeal broadly enough to draw in audiences. It’ll be a fight to get to $200 million now with steep competition the rest of the summer. “Iron Man 3” officially became the highest grossing IM film domestically, raising its total to $337.1

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It’s been a good first few weeks for the summer movie season. “Iron Man 3” had the second biggest opening weekend ever. “The Great Gatsby” exceeded expectations. Now that hot streak should continue with J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek Into Darkness” starring Chris Pine, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban and more. How big will it open?

Well opening tonight obviously will hurt its opening weekend. But this has turned into a must-see movie event. The first film opened to $79 million and while four years between films is a long time, it could have a similar effect like “The Matrix: Reloaded” had for pent up demand. It should be in line for a huge opening tonight/Thursday, earning at least $25-30 million. That momentum should carry it into the weekend. but opening a day early will prevent it from cracking $100 million this weekend. Still, an opening around $90 million is certainly possible. The big question will be how much will it earn in its entire domestic run? There’s a lot of competition this summer, starting next weekend with “Fast and Furious 6” and “The Hangover Part III”. Then there’s “After Earth” and “Man of Steel” not far on the horizon. That means unless this is universally loved as not just a great summer movie, but one of the best films of the decade, this film is going to make around the same total gross that the first film made, which would put it in the $280-290 million range.

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Remember back when Baz Lurhmann’s “The Great Gatsby” was going to be released in December? Remember how we were all excited to see Leonardo DiCaprio in possibly two great movies in this one and “Django Unchained”? Now that Gatsby is set to finally be released and the big question is: Is this the first bomb of the summer?

I know, how could a movie this grand with this much press and boasting a cast including Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan not be successful, right? Well, take a look at the second and third weekends in May. It hasn’t been kind to films (Just look at Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows”). “Iron Man 3” is fresh off its $175 million opening weekend. J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek Into Darkness” has fans chomping at the bit. A week later, “The Hangover Part III”, “Epic” and “Fast and Furious 6″ comes out. Finally the month ends with ‘After Earth”. What am I saying? There’s a lot of high profile movies that fans are going to be rushing out to see. So where does that leave Gatsby? What would have likely been a hit in December may not even reach $100 million in the summer. There’s just too much hype surrounding all these other movies, too much backlash against Luhrmann because of “Australia” and too many people who aren’t huge fans of the book. The target audience is limited to begin with. Now with so many films coming out, could “The Great Gatsby” fail to crack $40-50 million its opening weekend? That might be tough. And if the film isn’t a total hit critically, it could wind up in the $80-90 million range. This isn’t “Battleship” bad, but with the first reviews of the film very lukewarm on Rotten Tomatoes, this could be the first financial disappointment of the summer.

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Steven Spielberg (“Lincoln”) is taking the film based on the biography of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. The film is about Texas native Kyle came to record the highest number of sniper kills for an American. Tragically, he was killed at a shooting range by a fellow vet in February. Bradley Cooper (“The Hangover Part III”) is starring.

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Next week, one of the biggest movies of the summer (“Iron Man 3”) kicks off the summer movie season. May sees the releases of “Iron Man 3”, “The Great Gatsby”, “Star Trek Into Darkness”, “Epic”, “Fast and Furious 6”, “The Hangover Part III” and “After Earth”. Several smaller, but highly anticipated films like “After Shock”, “Before Midnight” and “The Iceman” are all hitting theaters in May as well. Which film are you looking forward to the most?

For me, it’s a tough call. I am absolutely, positively insanely excited to see “Before Midnight” starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy from director Richard Linklater. If you haven’t seen “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset”, do yourself a favor and check them out ASAP. They are wonderful films and I’m hoping the third film can live up to the first two. That being said, it’s hard not to get excited for the big movies. “The Great Gatsby” from Baz Luhrmann is the biggest question mark of the month for me. He has an eye for style and loves to use some surprising music in his films. But “Australia” was overly long and boring and frankly this close to release and all anyone is talking about is the soundtrack. What about, you know, the cast? Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan will get me to check this film out, but I get the feeling this is going to be style over substance.

The two films I’m not excited for are “The Hangover Part III” and “After Earth”. For “The Hangover”, the good news is it won’t be the worst in the trilogy, but that’s only because the second film was so terrible. Todd Phillips really didn’t hit it with another road trip comedy, “Due Date” and this one will likely have a few funny moments, but fall flat a a whole. And “After Earth”. All I have to say is this: M. Night Shyamalan. The trailer had the unintended effect of making me laugh. I don’t have high hopes for that film at all.

I am excited for “Iron Man 3”. I think the change in director will do the series some good and Robert Downey Jr. should shine. But part of me does wonder if I’ll get Marvel fatigue pretty soon. “Star Trek Into Darkness” looks amazing. But let’s not forget with expectations sky rocketing, the first film was light on action and if you look at J.J. Abrams’ history, action is not his strongest suit. “Fast and Furious 6”, well there’s nothing wrong with a good action film. “Epic” looks like Fern Gully, but hey, I’m intrigued. “Before Midnight” tops my list of most anticipated film of May with ‘Iron Man 3″, FF6 and “Star Trek” close behind.

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This is good news…I guess. “After Earth” starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith has moved up its release date to May 31, a week earlier than originally planned. Had it stayed at its original weekend it would have faced off against “The Internship” starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. The film now opens the same weekend as “Now You See Me”. The move may have more to do with trying to distance itself away from “Man of Steel”, which opens June 14. But now it’ll face “Fast and Furious 6” and “The Hangover Part III” in those films’ second weekend. Anyways the film from director M. Night Shyamalan could be an interesting film…though when has a Shyamalan film panned out lately?

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