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You’d think Disney would learn that some expensive projects (“John Carter”, “The Lone Ranger” with Johnny Depp) just aren’t worth it. I mean, with Pixar, you’ve made “Toy Story”, “Up” and more. You have animated classics like “The Lion King” and “Cinderella”. For many, the animated “The Jungle Book” is on the list of their favorite animated films. Get ready for a new live action version of it. Now “The Jungle Book” was a live action film in 1994, but who remembers that one? Exactly. It seems to be a trend with Disney with “Maleficent” (“Sleeping Beauty”) and “Cinderella” also future live action films based on Disney’s animated classics. Don’t forget they made “Alice in Wonderland” from Tim Burton. Ugh. At least one of these films is going to flop…big time.

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Let’s give Robert Stromberg a lot of credit. Through his career, he’s worked with James Cameron, Tim Burton and Paul Thomas Anderson, not a bad group of guys if you’re trying to pick up some tips for directing. Now, it looks as though Stromberg is going to have an opportunity to become Hollywood’s next big director. Stromberg is already working on “Maleficent”, starring Angelina Jolie. Disney is betting a lot on Stromberg for this film, which tells the story of the iconic evil queen seen in “Sleeping Beauty”. Now, reports are that he is choosing his next project, “Safari” in what is described as “Avatar” meets “Jurassic Park”. Both projects will be high profile and big budget projects. And, both carry a ton of risk.

Having two expected blockbusters as your first directing credits can be good. It gets your name out there. But, if they bomb well…just ask Taylor Kitsch how “John Carter” and “Battleship” worked out for him. One of those productions was a Disney production and the other an expected blockbuster, just like the two projects Stromberg is working on. If the films are good and do well at the box office, Stromberg has it made. But, even if the films are well received but bomb financially, Stromberg’s name likely won’t be at the top of any high profile project’s list. The bad news is “Maleficent” isn’t coming until 2014 so we’ll have to wait a while. But, Stromberg should tread carefully. Because, having two major films as your coming out party can back fire.

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