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“The Croods” sequel in the works

Considering it should close domestically with around $200 million and worldwide a much higher gross, it should come as no surprise that DreamWorks is developing a sequel to “The Croods”. DreamWorks needed this film to do well after “Rise of the Guardians” bombed badly. “The Croods” featured the voices of Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Nicolas Cage, Catherine Keener and more.

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Oscars 2013: Best Animated Film

So over the next couple weeks I’ll be predicting some of the bigger categories at this year’s Oscars. From Best Picture to Best Actress, I’ll be taking a stab at this. First up is Best Animated Feature.

This is a very close race this year with the five nominees: “Brave”, “Frankenweenie”, “ParaNorman”, “The Pirates! Band of Misfits” and “Wreck-It Ralph”. Frankly, the only ones I don’t see as serious contenders are Pirates and “ParaNorman”. Pirates

You could make a case for the other three, however. “Brave” won the Golden Globe. And it was close to a return to form for Disney/Pixar after the “Cars 2” debacle. “Wreck-It Ralph” won the Producers Guild of America and the Annies award though, giving that some serious momentum. But don’t count out “Frankenweenie”. It may have underperformed at the box office, but the Oscars love stop-motion (just look at this list of nominees) and they could view this as a way to recognize Tim Burton.

That being said, the Oscars love for stop motion could mean “ParaNorman” could be in for the upset. It’s an outside shot, but the film received great review and did well at the box office. Still, with no major wins, it’s tough to see that winning. And Pirates…I would have much rather seen the stronger “Rise of the Guardians” get into this category.

As for my pick: This is a category I could be very wrong in, but I’m going with “Brave”. Here’s why: Out of the serious contenders, it’s the most original film. I didn’t think it was great, but the presence of a strong female lead probably works in its favor as well. My choice on what should win would be Ralph, but honestly, I think it’s video game subject matter will turn away the older Oscar voters.

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Now that we’ve all had time to digest the nominations, what was the biggest Oscar snub? This year was quite a head scratcher. Let’s start with Kathryn Bigelow. I haven’t seen ‘Zero Dark Thirty” yet, but by all accounts the film is a great film. And though she just won a Best Director for “The Hurt Locker”, it seems pretty shocking that she didn’t get nominated this year. Out of the directors nominated, I gotta say, Bigelow is a stronger director than a few of them on that list.

An even bigger surprise for me though was “Rise of the Guardians” not getting into the Best Animated Film category. Look, I’d give the award to “Wreck It Ralph”, but for my money, “Rise of the Guardians” was by far better than “Frankenweenie” and “ParaNorman”.

Also, though Christoph Waltz got a nomination, Leonardo DiCaprio for his absolutely evil performance and Quentin Tarantino, heck maybe even Jamie Foxx all got snubbed in acting and director categories as well.

Of course the biggest head scratcher that makes no sense to me is Ben Affleck not getting a Best Director nomination. Are you kidding me? “Argo” received near universal acclaim, was a hit at the box office and the film was by far and away an improvement over his last outing, “The Town”. And yet, not even a nomination? That’s ridiculous. Not to mention “Cloud Atlas” not even getting nominated for Best Makeup. Also, for the second year in a row, only nine films were nominated for Best Picture, leaving out deserving films like “Moonrise Kingdom”.

This year I think the Academy got some things very wrong. What’s your biggest snub?

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As many people get their “best films” list together, I thought I’d start breaking down categories. 2012 was a pretty solid year for animated films. From hits like “The Lorax” to “Brave” to “Madagascar 3” and “Ice Age 4” all the way to “Rise of the Guardians”, this year’s had a pretty decent year in terms of quality.

Let me start by saying “The Lorax”, “Madagascar” and “Ice Age” are out of the running for me. Not that any of these were bad films, though “Ice Age” is growing tiresome for me, fast, but it just lacked any real punch that made them stand out. “Hotel Transylvania” is also out of the running. It was a lot better than I thought it would be, but lacked the depth of modern animated classics. Speaking of modern animated classics, Pixar has been responsible for most of them. Unfortunately, “Brave” was just too much of a by-the-books Disney princess movie. It didn’t have that wide appeal across ages and genders and was surprisingly predictable and lacked depth and emotional weight.

This year, my favorite animated film came down to two: “Wreck-It Ralph” and “Rise of the Guardians”. Both surpassed my expectations, both had solid storylines, a great blend of heart, humor and action and were just plain fun to watch.

I am going to give the edge to “Wreck-It Ralph”. Disney seems to have captured some of the Pixar magic. the voice acting was great, especially John C. Reilly, the characters were cute enough to appeal to children but also emotional enough to keep older audiences interested without getting too corny. To be fair, “Rise of the Guardians” also had all of these elements. But the difference for me was that “Wreck-It Ralph” was something new (I know it took cues from video games), where as “Rise of the Guardians” is an adaptation.

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Sam Mendes latest James Bond adventure “Skyfall” earned the top spot in its fifth weekend in a slow weekend for movies. “Skyfall”, “Rise of the Guardians” and “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2” took the top three spots, earning around $11 million each. That means Gerard Butler’s latest “Playing for Keeps” bombed. In fact the film earned just $6 million. Butler’s fallen a long ways from when “300” opened to $70 million in 2007.

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The L.A. Times hosted a fascinating roundtable discussion with Mark Andrews (Brave), Peter Ramsey (Rise of the Guardians), Chris Butler (ParaNorman), Rich Moore (Wreck-It Ralph),and Genndy Tartakovsky (Hotel Transylvania). The hour long discussion takes a look at this year’s animated films and these are likely to be some, if not all, of the Oscar’s final nominees for Best Animated film. The only notable animated films that didn’t have representation here in person is Pirates! Band of Misfits, Ice Age: Continental Drift and Madagascar 3:Europe’s Most Wanted.

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We’ve seen some huge bombs this year in “John Carter” and “Battleship”. Also, you can add “Cloud Atlas” to that list, though it deserved better. Now we have our big animated bomb of the year: “Rise of the Guardians”. The film has earned just under $50 million. But according to CinemaBlend, an executive said they are prepping to lose $50 on the feature. That’s a pretty big number, especially considering there was no direct competition and it was showing in 3D.

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Despite a legion of new films, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2” and “Skyfall” took the top spots once again at the box office. Breaking Dawn earned $64 million over the five days while “Skyfall” earned $51 million and becoming the first Bond film to top $200 million domestically.

“Lincoln” earned more than $30 million during the five days and now has nearly earned its production budget back.

Among the newcomers, “Rise of the Guardians”, featuring the voices o Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Jackman, Isla Fisher and Jude Law did the best, earning $32 million. “Life of Pi” earned $30,2 million while “Red Dawn” earned $22 million.

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“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2” starring Michael Sheen, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and more appears headed toward a second straight weekend at number one. But, will any of the new releases make any sort of mark at all?

If any movie will unseat Twilight, it will be “Rise of the Guardians”. Based off the popular books and featuring Alec Baldwin, Hugh Jackman, Chris Pine and Isla Fischer lending their voices, this one will be the film of choice for families. Add in Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost and this one will be taking advantage of the kicking off of the holiday season in earnest. It’s got potential to really break out if word of mouth is good over the weekend.

Opening weekend: $35-40 million

Five-day: $50-55 million

Ang Lee’s adaptation of the beloved book “Life of Pi” hits theaters. And it’s been getting good reviews. But, even with the 3D, it’ll probably play like “Hugo”.

Opening weekend: $13-18 million

Five-day: $20-25 million

“Red Dawn” looks to bring in the male audience. The film, however, has been on the shelf for three years and frankly the trailers look dumb. Action movies generally struggle to find big audiences over the holiday weekend and this one will be no different.

Opening weekend: $10-15 million

Five-day: $20-25 million

“Silver Linings Playbook” also hits theaters in limited release.

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Here’s the newest trailer for “Rise of the Guardians” from DreamWorks Animation. The film features the voices of Hugh Jackman, Alec Baldwin, Chris Pine, Jude Law and Isla Fisher.

The film hits theaters Nov. 21 and is directed by Peter Ramsey.

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