“Life of Pi” did well at the Oscars. Among the awards it received included Best Visual Effects and Best Director for Ang Lee. But workers of the visual effects company protested the award. The company is facing bankruptcy. When Bill Westenhofer tried to talk about it during his speech, he was cut off…by the “Jaws” theme song. Lee had this to say about the subject: “I would like it to be cheaper and not a tough business… it’s very hard for them to make money.”

That inspired Phillip Broste to write this:

Mr. Lee, I do believe that you are a thoughtful and brilliant man. And a gifted filmmaker. But I also believe that you and everyone in your tier of our business is fabulously ignorant to the pain and turmoil you are putting artists through.

You can read his full letter here. It’s pretty scathing. And I must say, I feel for them. I actually was surprised “Life of Pi” won as much stuff as it did and after reading this, part of me wishes it hadn’t. This is a messy situation that shines a light to a bigger problem in Hollywood.

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