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Can Tiger win more majors?

Here is a link to a Yahoo Sports story saying that those who are writing off Tiger Woods are dead wrong.

The article brings up some fair points. Jack Nicklaus also had a three-year stretch without a major and went winless when he was 39, only to win two majors the next year. He points how the media is quick to judge, which is also true.

But, the  article is wrong. The only reason Woods has any chance of winning another major is that golf has become a game of random players having the weekend of their lives at a major. Tiger could do that too. But, though Tiger is just 36-years old, he won’t be having a Ben Hogan type run as he increases in age. Here’s why.

Rory McIlroy will figure out how to be consistent. And when he does, watch out. Woods simply can’t put four rounds together anymore. It’s been too long, he’s made too many comeback attempts to say it’s all due to rust. He simply lacks the consistent swing and game to make him a consistent major contender. Also, whatever damage has been done to him mentally we’ll never know, but I’ll guess it’s great. Think about it. To go from the unquestioned dominant player to shooting 10-over par? That’s enough to make anyone want to give up. Woods is competitive, but frankly, dropping that far from where he was has to have a big impact on his psyche. No longer is he the intimidating force. He’s just another lost golfer looking for his lucky weekend.

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What a finish. As a sports fan, it doesn’t get much better than this. Keegan Bradley trailed by five strokes heading into the 16th hole. Thanks to a collapse by Jason Dufner, Bradley forced a playoff and won the PGA Championship.

It was thrilling drama to see whether Dufner could pull himself together, whether Bradley had enough time to come back and what would happen on the final hole. But, once the playoff came around, we all pretty much knew Bradley had the tournament in the bag.

As I said, as a sports fan it was great fun. But, at the end of the day, I won’t remember Bradley or Dufner. I won’t remember the crowded leaderboard. In the end, it was just a forgettable golf tournament to me.


Heading into the final round, and Americans have dominated the leaderboard. Brendan Steele and Jason Dufner are tied for the lead at seven-under par and Americans hold the top five spots before Danish player Anders Hansen is tied for sixth at three-under par. Yes, this is the new age of golf, at least for now. The top of the leaderboard is populated with unknowns, including D.A. Points and Keegan Bradley. Steele had an extremely good round, shooting four-under par to charge into a tie for the lead.

And with four players within two shots, it could be a very entertaining final round for the sports fan to watch. I, for one, look forward to seeing how it plays out and am hoping for a lot of chaos atop the leaderboard.

Here’s the problem. Short term, and for golf fans, parity is good. Part of the draw of the NFL is a wild card team like the Green Bay Packers can win the Super Bowl. However, the NFL has teams, brand names that remain constant (for the most part). Golf does not. Brand names come in the form of players. No one recently has had that consistent success in the majors that the golf world needs. I know I sound like a broken record here, but let’s face it. Most people could care less who wins the PGA. Why? Tiger’s not in it. Neither is Phil. Or Rory. All the potentially big names in golf didn’t play well. And the new guys can’t seem to string together consistent success in the majors to make themselves truly household names. The average fan wants to see great players have epic battles, not some random player have a uncharacteristically good week and then win maybe one other major in their career.

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I never thought I’d see the day. But, Tiger Woods shot a 10-over par for two rounds and missed the cut. Can you say end of an era? This was almost sad to see. Now, I know Woods’ personal life has been questionable, but as a golfer he’s what drew me into the sport. Clearly, that’s ended.

Now, you have two Americans tied for the lead heading into the weekend: Jason Dufner and Keegan Bradley. If you’re asking who the hell are these guys, so was I. Here’s the problem. Rory McIlroy is playing but is injured. There are almost no recognizable names for more than the hardcore golf fans to recognize. The PGA has a serious problem it needs to address somehow.

Steve Stricker shot four-over par in the second round going from -7 to -3 for the tournament, two shots behind the leaders. It looks like a pretty wide open weekend. The big question is who cares? Golf needs stars, which it doesn’t have. It needs McIlroy, Mickelson and others to be competitive almost every weekend at every tournament. Having no-name players leading will do nothing for the popularity of the sport.

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PGA Championship preview

The final major of the year is about to tee off, beginning on Thursday. The major is ripe with stories from Tiger Woods and Steve Williams, to can one of the world’s top two players finally win a major to can Rory McIlroy back up his U.S. Open win?

Players to watch

Adam Scott: Even though Steve Williams took away from his victory at Bridgestone, Scott is clearly a force to be reckoned with now. He’s playing well, has a great caddie by his side, and has momentum heading into the major.

Rory McIlroy: He didn’t have the greatest British Open, but that major is a beast of its own. This course suits McIlroy’s game better. Also, don’t count out the fact that he’ll want to prove that the U.S. Open wasn’t a one shot wonder and that he can truly be one of the game’s best players.

Luke Donald and Lee Westwood: The world’s top two players are still looking for their first major. Clearly, one has to win one sooner or later…right? With each passing major that they don’t and they keep the top rankings, the pressure builds.

Tiger Woods: While it’s difficult to see him winning, let’s not forget he’s one competitive guy. And the fact that Williams basically insulted him gives him more drive.

Phil Mickelson: Yes, the last time the PGA was played on this course it was 2001. But, Mickelson did finish second then, and he’s always capable of giving a major a run for its money.

My prediction: Rory McIlroy. I understand Scott will be the popular pick heading in. But fast greens suits McIlroy’s game.

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