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In a break from movies, 12 college presidents have approved a four team playoff for college football, beginning with the 2014 season. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a heck of a lot better than the BCS. This will open up so many opportunities for college football programs. It will make regular seasons more exciting as now, four teams get a shot at a national title. Now, more teams will have more to play for late in the season. This is what college football needs. This is what fans want. Finally, it’s happening.

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Here’s a link to an ESPN article about college athletes smoking weed. I understand the article is about how prevalent it is in the world of college athletics and college in general. I do think the NCAA should be taking a harsher stand on this issue. I know lots of people think it’s harmless. And, to a degree, smoking weed is no more harmful than say, getting drunk. But, regardless, it is illegal. Just because something is overpriced, doesn’t give me the right to steal it. That’s illegal. Just because people think smoking weed is harmless, doesn’t give them a right to (with certain medical exceptions of course).

Look, the fact that Oregon players admit this now is the only shocking part of this story. I’ve been to Eugene. I’ve walked the University of Oregon’s campus. I’ve been to surrounding neighborhoods. Honestly, it played a big role as to why I didn’t end up applying there. One of my most vivid memories in visiting Oregon’s campus is seeing two people on bicycles. Leading was a girl in a dress, smiling, blissfully unaware of her surroundings…or that the guy behind her was smiling too but probably because her dress was flying up giving him a view of you know what.

Now, I don’t claim to say that Nevada is free from this. I know people who smoke weed, I know athletes who smoke weed. But, let’s put it this way. Eugene isn’t Reno. And it isn’t Las Vegas. There’s a definite laid back attitude. People don’t really care. I’m not trying to bag on Oregon. Some of my closest friends attend U of O. And, while pot smoking might be a lot more prevalent there, it’s not exactly so wide spread that if you go to U of O you must smoke pot, kind of a thing. But, the funny part of this story is that it’s just coming out now. Anyone that goes to U of O or is familiar with U of O knows its been going on for years. Now, the question is will anything change because of this?

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Tuesday saw the closing of Ohio State’s case as the NCAA handed down a one-year bowl ban and a loss of nine scholarships. Except, it didn’t end matters. It just made them more pathetic.

The NCAA seemed to ignore the actual players’ conduct, instead focusing on former head coach Jim Tressel. Also, as this SI article points out, the NCAA says no two cases are alike. Yet, here they have used former cases as precedents. This whole process is dumb and pointless. So a one-player violation gets USC a two-year ban and 30 scholarships while multiple players and the coach gets a university a one-year ban?

On a more positive note I guess, this should give hope to Miami that perhaps they will get off light too. For people who say the punishment is severe, I think they’re doing new head coach Urban Meyer a huge favor. Now, the pressure is largely off because, they can’t play in a bowl game anyways.

Good job, NCAA. You’ve officially become the most inept governing body of an organization in the world.

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Quarterback Jacory Harris is one of eight current Miami Hurricanes football players who the university deemed to be ineligible. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the players will miss playing time. The NCAA begins a reinstatement process and then decides if players will miss any games. Miami opens its season on Sept. 5, however.

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Former Tennessee Volunteer head coach Bruce Pearl faces a multi-year  show-cause penalty by the NCAA. His assistants face a one year show-cause penalty. The Volunteers will not face further punishment than the self-imposed ones it’s already done.

Basically this means that any school that wants to hire Pearl must go before the NCAA and explain why. Also, that school could face punishment from the NCAA.I definitely agree with this ruling, for once. Pearl needs to be punished for what he did and this will make it difficult for him to be hired, at least for a while.

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Pat Summitt

By now, most people have heard the news. Tennessee Lady Volunteers head coach Pat Summitt has early dementia. She will continue to coach and released a video statement which can be seen here.

This is truly a sad day for the world of sports. Summitt defines women’s college basketball. Her rivalry with UConn and coach Geno Auriemma, her stare, which seemingly sees straight into your soul, her passion for the game, the countless wins she has is most of what a generation of basketball fans look to as a standard for women’s basketball. She has coached 38 seasons, amassed the most victories in NCAA basketball history, that would be men’s or women’s, and has eight national championships. Simply put, she’s one of the greatest coaches to ever be court side.

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What an offseason it’s been for former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. He was supposed to be the unquestioned starter for the Denver Broncos. Then, the team didn’t trade Kyle Orton. Now, Tebow spent much of the Broncos’ last preseason game watching. Sports Illustrated is now reporting that Denver wouldn’t be opposed to a trade for Tebow, but interest is dwindling fast. That means the team will likely either keep or cut Tebow.

I can hardly believe this. Tebow went from sure-fire starter to backup to now maybe not even third string. I doubt Orton can lead the team any better than Tebow can. Orton surely isn’t the long-term answer, so why not give Tebow a shot? Unfortunately for Tebow, it looks like he won’t get that chance, at least not in Denver.

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So I saw this post on http://www.wolfpackchat.com and it is a very interesting debate. With both the college football season and the NFL about to begin, if you could only choose one, would you have college football or pro football?

I had to think long and hard about this. I love the university I attend. And, there’s nothing quite like going to a college football game, sitting with other students. When your team has a special season, like the Wolf Pack did last year, and the elation you feel when it knocks off one of the top teams in the nation is second to none. However, I’m so disillusioned with college football. You know what would have made last season even better? Had Nevada had a shot at playing for a national title in a playoff.

The NFL at least admits it has stars, some with over the top personalities. Then you have teams like the Green Bay Packers. A team where the fans own the organization so it can never move. Where children grow up being as Packers fans, where it’s just as important as family. Oh yeah, and the Packers, who, of course, won the Super Bowl, was a wild card team. Wild card. In the NCAA, it wouldn’t have had a shot to win the Super Bowl. There’s something so exciting about the NFL. Every regular season game matters (even though it’s a playoff system). Given the choice, I’d choose the NFL every time.

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NCAA investigating Miami

It seems the NCAA is investigating big name football programs almost every week. The Miami Hurricanes are the latest to be investigated by the NCAA after claims that several current or former football players received gifts.

Are we really surprised Miami is a target? I mean the program has had a reputation in the past of having some of the most colorful characters in college football. And let’s be honest, most of those players we could see taking gifts as many seemed like they thought they were untouchable.

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Ohio State was probably hoping its problems would end after its meeting with the NCAA Committee on Infractions. However, the NCAA sent a second letter to the university saying that it is still investigating other issues surrounding the university.

There have been other allegations about OSU floating around, including that former quarterback Terrrell Pryor received thousands of dollars for signed gear at a local sports memorabilia store.

Looks like the Buckeyes’ troubles could be increasing very soon. Let’s face it though. If Jim Tressel was willing to ignore rules infractions, should we really be surprised that more infractions could have happened? OSU’s preemptive punishments were a lousy attempt to try and take attention away from the program’s lack of control. The fact that the NCAA won’t consider OSU for lack of institutional control right now is ridiculous. If any of the additional allegations are true, I hope the NCAA finally brings the hammer down.

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