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Steven Spielberg (“Lincoln”) is taking the film based on the biography of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. The film is about Texas native Kyle came to record the highest number of sniper kills for an American. Tragically, he was killed at a shooting range by a fellow vet in February. Bradley Cooper (“The Hangover Part III”) is starring.

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Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany starred in “Master and Comander: Far Side of the World”. Now, Bettany is returning to the high seas in a period peace…costarring….no it’s not Crowe and no it’s not a Master and Commander sequel. He is starring with Matthew Goode (“Watchmen”) in “Destroyer” set in the 80s.

According to http://www.firstshowing.net: The film follows British Navy Captain David Hart Dyke, whose ship is led into a tense situation during the Falklands Conflict in 1982 and is bombed by the Argentine Air Force.

Can’t be as bad as “Battleship” right?

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Director Peter Berg’s “Lone Survivor”, based on the book of the same name about Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell whose team was ambushed in 2005 by Taliban forces, is close to adding Eric Bana to its cast. Forget “Battleship”, Berg’s last true military film was “The Kingdom” which is an underrated film. This cast already includes Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster and Emile Hirsch. Berg spent a month with a SEAL team to prepare for this film.

I’m officially excited for this film.

Lukas Eggen can be reached at eggen.lukas@gmail.com.