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With news that Warner Bros. wants to revisit “The Matrix” hitting recently, speculation has run wild about what a new film would focus on.

Birth.Movies.Death. is reporting that a new Matrix film would center around a young Morpheus, with Michael B. Jordan starring.

Lawrence Fishburne played Morpheus in the original trilogy.

If true, it looks as though WB wants to tell more stories in the film’s universe instead of a straight reboot.


My thoughts on Lance Armstrong

With the USADA’s report on Lance Armstrong, it seems pretty clear now that Armstrong was one of the biggest frauds in sports history.

It wasn’t a surprise. We could all see the end coming and the sharks circling. And yet, I wanted so badly to believe Armstrong. This is an age where we’ve seen so many sports titans fall. Tiger Woods with his scandal, the steroid outbreak in baseball, NBA stars turning into whiny annoying pre madonnas. And then there was Lance. The inspiration to millions. The ultimate American comeback story. The one athlete that had been tested over and over again, the one athlete that showed us all success was possible no matter what we were facing. Growing up as a child during Lance’s Tour De France wins, I was in awe of this man. This man who overcame so much. This man that made me motivated to work harder, to give a little more, to face whatever challenges I was facing.

As the evidence piled up against him, I desperately hoped he was telling the truth, that just one sports titan could remain unscathed, above all the crap that was going on in the sports world. I wanted to know that the one true sports hero we had was just that, a hero, that he could be the legend we tell our grandchildren about.

Now, I’m not left with anger, or resentment. I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed that, aside from Michael Jordan, the last great sports figure, the man that inspired millions and showed the American spirit, was a fraud. I’m disappointed that so many people believed in him when he was just another cheat abusing the system. I’m disappointed that the former sports icon that I looked up to, that I tried to, in part, model the way I lived after, adopting that never give up and always keep pushing ahead attitude, was all just a ruse. The release of the USADA’s report marked a sad day for me. It was the day the last great, inspirational and transcendent sports icon of my generation was exposed. I don’t think I’ll ever feel the same way about an athlete as I did growing up watching Lance. After this report, I’m not so sure I want to anyways.

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“Space Jam 2” coming?

Back in 1996, Michael Jordan was the best player in the world, though he was out of basketball. Then came a little movie called “Space Jam” featuring Jordan, a soundtrack led by “I Believe I can Fly” and the Looney Toons with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the rest of the gang battling alien players who stole powers from the likes of Charles Barkley, Shawn Bradley and Muggsey Bouges.

Lebron James recently tweeted that he would love to do a “Space Jam 2”. Now, he was just answering someone’s questions, but let me remind you, “Space Jam” earned $230 million worldwide when it came out. And, there’s a generation of us that remember that film very fondly. Could we see a remake? I’d say WB would never consider it, but looking at how they’re butchering handling the Justice League, who knows, maybe this will get fast tracked to take people’s minds off that. You could have players like Steve Nash, Dwight Howard and Dirk Nowitzki replace the other players from the original.

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Interesting article from the Wall Street Journal, which you can read here. The article compares a player’s salary in relation to what the average salary was of all other athletes at that time in their sport. Some names you’d expect and, some that you wouldn’t. You guys should check it out.

On a broader note, it does show the discrepancy even among athletes. Players like Alex Rodriguez or Joe Montana of course are going to get lots of money. But they make so much more even than the average baseball or football player. And, if you really look at list, you’ve got to wonder, how many of those players were really worth it? Sure, you’d be pretty safe arguing Michael Jordan was, but a lot of those players, let’s be honest. Their track record wasn’t that good.

It does beg the question, if you were starting a team in any of the four major sports, which, if any, modern athletes would you pay that kind of money to lead your team?

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