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“Chronicle” was one of the surprise hits of last year. Since then director Josh Trank has been busy, most notably taking the “Fantastic Four” reboot. But now comes news that Trank and screenwriter Max Landis won’t be involved in the sequel! That’s bad news for the film. I would have loved to see their vision continue.

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Much like “Watchmen”, Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” is turing out to be a polarizing film. Critics didn’t care for it, fans seemed to like it. Count “Chronicle” Max Landis in the hate it camp. Here’s what he had to say about the film.

These are some harsh words. Here’s an excerpt:

“What’s special about Superman, is that his parents didn’t f*cking die. He’s not a selfish, post-traumatic sissy who needed to have his parents shot to death in front of him to understand that maybe you should help people and that crime is wrong and murder is bad. His Uncle Ben didn’t need to be killed in front of him basically by his own hand to drive the point home that if you have superpowers you should use them to help people…

He’s just a guy from Kansas who has the best superpowers. And instead of absolute power corrupting absolutely, it has absolved him from fear, and greed, and hate, and all of the weaknesses that stem from human insecurity. What’s special about Superman is that he will always make the right choice.”

What do you think?

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Potter stars lining up new projects

It’s a good day for a few “Harry Potter” vets. Gary Oldman is in as a leader of a human colony in “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”. And reports are that Daniel Radcliffe will be playing Igor in a new take on Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”, which will tell the tale from Igor’s perspective. “Chronicle” writer Max Landis penned the script. And finally Emma Watson is set to star in a live action version of “Cinderella”. Kenneth Branagh (“Thor”) is directing the film and Cate Blanchett is also in as the evil step mother.

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From Harry to Frakenstein

Daniel Radcliffe (“Harry Potter”) is looking for his next big role. He’s already starred in projects like “The Woman in Black” and now he is in talks to star in “Frankenstein”. Max Landis (“Chronicle”) wrote the script and Paul McGuigan is directing. Supposedly this will be a sci-fi take with Radcliffe playing a “hunchback”.

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“Chronicle” review

The fake documentary genre has been box office gold for the most part as of late. Is “Chronicle” a step in the right direction or another tired entry?

The Good

There are some good and interesting aspects going on in this film. Unlike “Kick Ass”, this feels like a very legitimate entry in regular people turned superheroes. Director Josh Trank, in his feature film debut, and writer Max Landis introduce to themselves in a big way. This is not an ordinary film. The teenagers in the film act…like real teenagers would likely act given the circumstances. It’s fun and games, teens goofing off, until the second half of the film turns dark.Then, it becomes a drama about a teen with some serious problems at home, at school, etc. And you know what? it works. The script, the story, it all works perfectly well. From the less serious and fun beginning to the sad, dramatic end, it all feels natural. Nothing feels forced.

Of course, the other important key to this working are the actors. Michael B. Jordan (Friday Night Lights), Alex Russell and Dane DeHaan are all exceptional. I’ll give them credit, I never once thought about the fact that they were acting. It felt like a legitimate home movie type of deal.

The Bad

This isn’t a perfect film, but what film is? In all seriousness, however, it was very predictable. And, somehow a part of me wonders if the film would have lost any of its effect if it had been shot normally? I don’t think it would have. The found footage stuff is fun here, but, largely, unnecessary. That also takes away from the final confrontation, where it’s hard to follow what’s happening to who. Also, it’s very rushed and you can pretty much guess where this story’s going from the introduction.

The Final Word

A fun, fresh entry in the genre, “Chronicle” is an extremely nice surprise despite its predictable plot. Great fun, pretty tense and much better than expected, it may not be saying much right now, but “Chronicle” may be my favorite film of the year so far.

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