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A year before Peter Jackson took people to Middle Earth in “The Lord of the Rings”, “Dungeons & Dragons” hit theaters. Starring Jeremy Irons and Marlon Wayans the film was a critical and financial disaster. But WB has the rights and is bringing it back to the big screen. And it’ll happen fast since the studio is using a completed script called “Chainmail” and converting it to work in the DD universe. Bad news is the screenwriter, David Johnson, wrote “Wrath of the Titans” and “Red Riding Hood”.

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A week after “Evil Dead” comes the return of the horror spoof comedy that started it all, “Scary Movie V”. And just in time for baseball season comes “42”. Which will come out on top?

Back in 2000, “Scary Movie” surprised a lot of people grossing more than $150 million. Fast forward to 2013 and spoof movies…frankly are worse in quality and, for studios, worse in box office receipts. Marlon Wayans (Formerly from the Scary Movie franchise) saw “A Haunted House” open to $18 million and finish with $40 million. “Scary Movie 5” has seen franchise vets like Anna Faris move on but Simon Rex is back and Ashley Tisdale is joining him. Plus there’s those appearances from Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. Still, it’s tough to see this faring any better.

Opening weekend: $15-20 million

I’m surprised its being released now, but “42”, the story of Jackie Robinson hits theaters as well. It has Oscar bait written all over it, though reviews haven’t been that enthusiastic. “Moneyball”, which starred Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, was very successful, opening to $19 million on its way to more than $75 million. But that was in the height of Oscar season. I’m not sure people will flock to see this one. Harrison Ford has been heavily prominent in marketing, but let’s face it, other than the universally hated “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, what’s the last hit he’s had?

Opening weekend: $10-15 million

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It’s the sequel to one of the year’s biggest hits…the sequel to end all sequels. All of that was hyperbole. In fact, I am quite frustrated they’re making this sequel. “A Haunted House” earned $40 million, apparently good enough to make “A Haunted House 2” to be released…wait for it…winter of THIS YEAR or early next year. Are you kidding me? So 2013 could have “A Haunted House”, “Scary Movie 5” and “A Haunted House 2”. And yet films like “Cloud Atlas” bombed. Fantastic (Sigh). Marlon Wayans will be back as a writer and star.

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“Zero Dark Thirty” expanded nation wide and earned $24 million to take the top spot at the box office. But it’s how the next two movies performed that really surprised. “A Haunted House”, starring Marlon Wayans of “Scary Movie” fame earned $18.8 million. Reportedly made for just $2.5 million, the film’s already turning a nice profit. Next up is “Gangster Squad” starring Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling and more, earned just $16.7 million, a big disappointment given the cast.

And last week’s champ “Texas Chainsaw 3D” saw its gross fall more than 75% and earned just $5.2 million in its second weekend.

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One Oscar contender expands and two very different films hit theaters. Will any connect with audiences?

“Zero Dark Thirty” is in the strongest position to have the biggest debut. It’s already stirred up controversy and acclaim, being nominated for some Oscars. And after performing well in a very limited released, it hits nationwide. Expect this one to open near “Argo” type numbers but not hold up quite as well in the long run.

Opening weekend: $21-23 million

“Gangster Squad” starring Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Josh Brolin, Sean Penn and a lot more. This one is the first true period piece since “Public Enemies” and the trailers really play up that this is a more modern “Untouchables”. But reviews have been mixed and, at least for me, something about the trailers just didn’t get me too excited. Still, expect it to be hot on the heels of “Zero Dark Thirty”.

Opening weekend: $18-20 million

The final new movie of the weekend is “A Haunted House” starring Marlon Wayans, who helped start the most recent spoof movie trend way back last decade with “Scary Movie” (ironically “Scary Movie 5” hits theaters later this year). I hope this one bombs because frankly the movie looks dumb. And it faces stiff competition for the young male audience, but it should draw in enough to get into the mid to high teens.

Opening weekend: $15-17 million

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