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Yep. It’s happening. With the re-release of Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park” in 3D, here’s a bit of news. Mining magnate Clive Palmer is making TWO Jurassic Parks in China and Australia. Each will play home to more than 117 dinosaurs. Sadly, there is no cloning, so we’re getting robot dinos. But that’s not the only thing Palmer is up to. He’s behind “Titanic II”. Don’t worry, it’s not a sequel to the James Cameron film. It is a recreation of the ship, with all the details copied, right down to staircases and the ship being split into three levels. Scheduled to set sale in 2016, it will follow the Titanic’s original path.

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The Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell produced remake of “Evil Dead” scared its way into the top spot at the box office, earning $26 million over the weekend. That’s  the good news. The bad news is it was front loaded on Friday and movie goers gave it a C+ score, which doesn’t bode well for this film having any sort of legs. The Steven Spielberg classic “Jurassic Park 3D” opened in fourth with $18.2 million, which is on par with the other live action 3D re-releases (“Titanic” and “Star Wars”). Second place was a virtual tie between “The Croods” and “G.I. Joe: Retaliation”.

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Sam Raimi’s horror classic sees its remake hit theaters with “Evil Dead”. Will it scare its way into the top spot?

“Evil Dead”, from director Fede Alvarez has been building hype for a while now. From its posters that proclaimed it the most terrifying film you’ll ever see to its premiere at South by Southwest, combined with the love people have for the original films and this one has the makings for a big horror hit. But let’s not forget “Texas Chainsaw 3D” opened to $21 million…only to have a final gross of $34 million. Since 2003’s “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, horror remakes, sequels, etc. have been hit and miss. Even established franchises like “Scream” have struggled to find audiences in recent years. Still, this one will open up well this weekend. The question is how good of legs will it have. I’m betting it will have decent, but not great, legs and wind up with a total of about $70 million.

Opening weekend: $25-30 million

The other new release isn’t really a new release. “Jurassic Park 3D”, the classic from Steven Spielberg starring Sam Neill, returns to theaters. In the past, 3D re-releases have done OK, with ‘Titanic 3D” opening to about $17 million last year and “Star Wars Episode 1 3D” not doing well enough to justify releasing the other episodes. Still, there’s enough people out there that never got to see Jurassic Park on the big screen who probably will love the chance to see it.

Opening weekend: $15-20 million

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3D is still going strong (unfortunately). We had “Jurassic Park 3D”, “Finding Nemo 3D”, “Star Wars Episode 1” 3D “The Lion King 3D” and more. Now comes a listing on a website for a 3D conversion of…wait for it…”Dr. No”. Yep the very first James Bond film starring Sean Connery is apparently coming out on 3D Blu-Ray for the Taiwanese release. Even more disturbing? Moviefone now has a listing for an IMax 3D version of “Dr. No”. Hopefully this is all just talk. Because for starters, 007 doesn’t need 3D. And if they were really set on that. Why not the newer films? The chase scene in “Casino Royale” could be pretty entertaining in 3D I suppose, even some of the scenes in the bad “Quantum of Solace”. Why the first film in the series?

More Bond news, an Oscars spokesman said all the Bond actors will not appear together during the show. The Academy is honoring 50 years of James Bond.

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The “Jurassic Park” series has been one of the most popular in recent decades. The original, directed by Steven Spielberg, is considered by many to be a modern classic. Now, fans will get a chance to return to the series. No, we’re not talking about “Jurassic Park 4”. “Jurassic Park 3D” will hit theaters in July of 2013. Yes, the 3D re-releases will continue (You can thank “Lion King” for that). Everything from “Finding Nemo” to “Titanic” is getting a re-release and this is no different. You’d have to think though, that if it does well, that the studio will go forward with “Jurassic Park 4”. It if doesn’t, that could be the end of the series for a while.

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