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Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed on to play the Exterminator in the upcoming remake of “The Toxic Avenger”. The Exterminator trains Toxie, formerly known as Melvin who gets tossed into toxic waste, turning him into the Toxic Avenger. John Travolta was at one point rumored to be involved and Steve Pink (“Hot Tub Time Machine”) was attached to direct. After “The Last Stand”, maybe Arnold should just pass on this project.

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“Hot Tub Time Machine” was a modest box office hit, big enough to make a sequel. But now comes news that John Cusack, star of the first one is not returning.  Craig Robinson, Clark Duke and Rob Corddry are returning and “Parks and Recreation” star Adam Scott is playing a new lead. Hopefully this turns out OK, comedy sequels never tend to be able to match its predecessor.

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“Hot Tub Time Machine” didn’t exactly have sequel written all over it. The film earned just $64 million world wide. The film starred John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke and was directed by Steve Pink.

But, apparently MGM wants to make a sequel with everyone coming back, except Cusack. I’m not exactly sure why MGM would be compelled to make a sequel. The movie was OK, but not a classic. And it didn’t make that much money. So…

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Johnny Depp as Don Quixote?

Disney appears to be letting Johnny Depp do whatever the heck he wants, not surprising since the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies bring in big bucks for the company. Depp will be in “The Lone Ranger” with Armie Hammer. Now reports are he’s working on a modern reimagining of Don Quixote. Steve Pink, who is probably best known for directing “Hot Tub Time Machine” will helm the project.

Another interesting aspect is that at one time, Depp was said to be working with Terry Gillam in bringing his vision to the big screen for the character. Maybe we’ll see that here?

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