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“The Conjuring” universe continues to flex its muscle at the box office. “Annabelle: Creation” earned $4 million from its Thursday previews.

That’s almost double the $2.1 million “Annabelle” earned and is also higher than “The Conjuring” (James Wan, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) and “The Conjuring 2”.

Horror movies can be very front loaded, so it still may not reach the level of those first three films, but at this point, an opening above $30 million seems likely.


“The Woman in Black”, which starred Daniel Radcliffe and was directed by James Watkins became the highest grossing British horror film in the last two decades, earning more than $130 million worldwide. No surprise here, that the sequel, “The Woman in Black: Angel of Death” is moving forward. Set four decades after the first film, the sequel will star Jeremy Irvine (“War Horse”) and Phoebe Fox. Tom Harper is taking over as director this time around.

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It’s the sequel to one of the year’s biggest hits…the sequel to end all sequels. All of that was hyperbole. In fact, I am quite frustrated they’re making this sequel. “A Haunted House” earned $40 million, apparently good enough to make “A Haunted House 2” to be released…wait for it…winter of THIS YEAR or early next year. Are you kidding me? So 2013 could have “A Haunted House”, “Scary Movie 5” and “A Haunted House 2”. And yet films like “Cloud Atlas” bombed. Fantastic (Sigh). Marlon Wayans will be back as a writer and star.

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Emma Stone (“Gangster Squad”) is in early negotiations to star in Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming horror flick “Crimson Peak”. No story details have been announced, but it’s probably a safe bet that the film will play with horror conventions and create a hauntingly chilling and scary experience. Anyone who saw “Pan’s Labyrinth” knows he can handle very serious material.

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Rob Zombie has made his name in horror from “The Devil’s Rejects” to “Halloween” and his recently completed “The Lords of Salem”. And his next film will be “Broad Street Bullies” which is a hockey film that Zombie describes as “Rocky” meets “Boogie Nights”. So…a hockey film that’s Rocky mixed with Boogie nights from a director known for grotesque horror.

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