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Craig not coming back for Bond?

The latest we had heard was that Daniel Craig would return to the James Bond franchise for two more films.

That may have been premature. Craig, while doing press for “Logan Lucky” had this to say:

No decision has been made at the moment, there’s a lot of noise out there and nothing official has been confirmed. And I’m not, like, holding out for more money or doing anything like that. It’s just all very personal decisions to be made at the moment. I know they’re desperate to get going and I would in theory love to do it, but it’s just there is no decision just yet.

Do you want Craig to come back?

This is getting a lot like sorting through the “Star Wars Episode VII” saga, which eventually went to J.J. Abrams. First came news that Nicolas Winding Refn, Christopher Nolan, Ang Lee, Shane Black and Tom Hooper were all in the running for Bond 24, the follow up to “Skyfall” with Daniel Craig. Then came news that Sam Mendes was in talks to return. Now new reports say that Mendes is directing Bond 24 AND Bond 25. That’s the length of Craig’s contract for the record, so maybe this will be Craig’s big finale.

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A day after reports came that directors like Shane Black, Ang Lee, Tom Hooper and Nicolas Winding Refn were up to direct “Bond 24” comes news that Sam Mendes IS in talks to return. Mendes directed “Skyfall” starring Daniel Craig as 007/James Bond and Javier Bardem. Apparently they’re willing to wait until Mendes becomes available to direct the film.

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Nolan to tackle Bond?!

This is just a rumor for now, but Christopher Nolan (“The Dark Knight Rises”,”Inception”) has been approached to direct the next James Bond movie. Talks are in the very early stages for Bond 24. But  Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson want the next film within three years, which may be hard because Nolan’s “Interstellar” comes out in 2014. But two years for a film isn’t unheard of. “Skyfall” became top-grossing Bond film ever. Sam Mendes directed that one. Daniel Craig is returning as 007.

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Bond passes Batman

“SkyfalL” starring Daniel Craig as James Bond officially passed “The Dark Knight Rises” for seventh place in worldwide box office. TDKR of course was directed by Christopher Nolan and starred Christian Bale. Sam Mendes helmed the latest Bond adventure, which earned more than double than any previous Bond film.

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The Oscars will already celebrate James Bond with a special celebration of 50 years of Bond. “Skyfall” is up for Best Song as well. Now news comes that the Oscars will celebrate some of the musicals of the past 10 years. They will be honoring three in particular: “Chicago”, “Dreamgirls” and “Les Miserables”. I feel like “Moulin Rouge!” should have been included. I know technically it wasn’t in the past 10 years, but as far as Hollywood musicals go, I loved that one. Oh, and where’s “Once”? That’s my favorite musical of all time bar none.

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Bond has big opening

Director Sam Mendes’ “Skyfall”, starring Daniel Craig as James Bond, Javier Bardem, Judi Dench, Ben Whishaw and more, took in $87.8 million in its opening weekend. That number rises to $90 million when you add in the Thursday preview showings. It shatters the previous high for the series of $67.5 million, set by “Quantum of Solace”. Worldwide, the film has now grossed more than $500 million.

“Wreck It Ralph” fell just 33 percent, “Wreck It Ralph” took in another $33.1 million.

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“Skyfall” review

Craig is back. Is “Skyfall” a worthy Bond film? Or does it fall short like “Quantum of Solace”?

The Good

“Skyfall” is entertaining and thrilling. In fact, though I’m sure many will disagree, “Skyfall” is one of my favorite Bond films ever. The action gets going right from the beginning when director Sam Mendes lets us know this isn’t the same Bond we’re used to. Gone are the openings we’re used to . We’re dropped right in the action. And the action in this film is great. No shaking the camera so much so you can’t tell what the hell’s going on. It’s fun, entertaining and thrilling. But Mendes really shines with the performances he gets from his actors.

I won’t give away any more of the storyline that the trailer didn’t. But, I’ll say this. Judi Dench (“M”) gets her time to shine in this film and it’s about time. For too long she’s been limited to saying “Bond!” or “James?” in this series. Finally, she plays a much more integral role and it’s nice to see one of the best actresses to come along get her due in this series. Javier Bardem also steals scenes as the villain. There’s no evil plot to take over the world this time, but, his actions may seem the most justified of any Bond villain in history. This may not quite be to the level that he played in “No Country For Old Men”, but he’s a helluva better Bond villain than we’ve seen in years.

Between this film and “Cloud Atlas”, Ben Whishaw is quickly becoming one of my favorite young actors in Hollywood. This film also really cements Craig as one of my favorite Bonds of all time. There’s also two references for long-time Bond fans that should please them greatly.

The Bad 

I love this film. That being said, I think it fell just a little bit short of the very high praise it’s been getting. Let’s just say, nothing about this film was bad, but I wouldn’t be nominating it for Best Picture on my list. Also, the one thing I liked in “Casino Royale” the most was the vulnerable Bond that we saw. That apparently is gone with Bond becoming just short of a super hero with the stunts he pulls off in this film.

The Final Word

If you haven’t seen a Bond film in a long time, this is the one to jump back in with. “Skyfall” is thrilling, entertaining and one of the best Bond films ever, bar none. It might not be one of the year’s best come Oscar time, but “Skyfall” is a film that shows the Bond franchise is ready to keep kicking for another 50 years.

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As James Bond week continues and we inch closer to Daniel Craig’s third outing as Bond in “Skyfall”, here’s the ultimate debate. Who was the best Bond?

Here’s my top three.

3. Timothy Dalton

It helps that both “License to Kill” and “The Living Daylights” are both good films. But, more than that, Dalton brought a refreshing dimension to 007: A person who doesn’t like to kill others but knows that he has to. It’s too bad he only got two films in, because he really shines.

2. Daniel Craig

Yep, the new kid on the block is one of my favorites, bar none. The grittiness and the change in style from what we’re used to seeing from a Bond movie is just what the franchise needed to keep itself relevant. “Quantum of Solace” wasn’t very good, I’ll give you that, but Craig is the only reason that movie was watchable at all. This third film will go a long ways in deciding where he ultimately ends up in Bond actors lore, but for now, he’s still one of my best.

1. Sean Connery

Come on. Who else can you put at the top of the list? Connery’s portray defined the big screen version of Bond. Enough said.

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This Friday marks the 50th anniversary of the first showing of the first James Bond film, “Dr. No”. So, let the James Bond debates begin. I’m starting the week off with the best Bond theme song. There’s been a ton. Jack White and Alicia Keys were the two most recent artists with “Another Way to Die”. Adele is about to join their ranks. Which song was the best?

Among my favorites are:

Live and Let Die: Performed by Paul McCartney, this song just rocks out. It’s been covered by Guns N Roses, was nominated for Grammys and frankly, is one of the theme songs that has endured the best over the years.

Diamonds Are Forever: What can I say? Sultry, sexy, this one just knocks it out of the park.

Goldfinger: Probably my all time favorite. The bench mark for Bond theme songs.

You Know My Name: From “Casino Royale”, the song strangely enough isn’t on the official soundtrack. But, it’s a good introduction to the new Bond, a grittier Bond played by Daniel Craig.

What are your favorites?

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