Disney has made a ton of money off its princesses from Snow White to Bell. Last summer’s “Brave” from Pixar introduced us to Merida. Now Disney is receiving backlash for changing Merida’s appearance, as one site put it, “sexing up” the character. Now fans and director Brenda Chapman are angry. Here’s what she said:

“I think it is atrocious!!! I’m all the way down in Santiago, Chile at a film festival, and this hits the fan while I am gone! It is outrageous! I’ve signed the petition and given Bob Iger a piece of my mind. Since I am no longer with the company, I’m sure they could care less what I think on the matter. But they have betrayed the essence of what we were trying to do with Merida – give young girls and women a better stronger role model. She’s strong inside and out – she’s not just a simpering pretty face waiting around for romance! She was created to turn that whole ideal on it’s head! – Oh yeah… that’s why I created her… they’re just in it for the money… not the integrity. They don’t care what message they send about women, as long as it makes them a buck.

Yep… that’s what I have to say about it”

Now it should be noted that Chapman was fired from the film, though she still accepted the Oscar for Best Animated film. But you can read the petition at change.org. I have to agree with this petition. The whole point of “Brave” was to turn the princess image on its head a little bit.

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