With UNLV practicing in Ely for about a week and a half or so, I’m getting the um…joy…of covering them. And, after my first time sitting through their practice, this is what I observed. Take it for what it’s worth.

For starters, the quarterback position leaves a lot to be desired. Right now, it appears to be a competition between Caleb Herring, who started most of last season and redshirt freshman Nick Sherry. Neither impressed. They missed multiple passes on fourth quarter drills and didn’t look too sharp overall.

That being said, the defense looked solid in those drills, though that was largely because they didn’t actually have to defend all that much. Head coach Bobby Hauck has his work cut out for him. Running back Tim Cornett looks primed and ready to have a decent year, the question is will he have any help at all. He’s certainly confident, telling me a good year is nothing short of a perfect record.

“Undefeated,” Cornett said. “No losses.”

Good luck.

I also wonder if UNLV’s defensive line will be able to get enough pressure. The QBs had enough time to sit back for a little while. Not a good sign from a coach who doesn’t like to blitz too much from the secondary. All in all, I’m not sure Cornett’s optimism is warranted here. UNLV has the look of a team that, to be frank, may be a four or five win team if they play well.

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