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Sprinter Usain Bolt has a world record, a gold medal, and is the fastest 100-meter runner out there today. Yet, after three years of reigning at the World Championships, Bolt lost his title. But, it wasn’t because he was beaten. He was disqualified for a false start.

Afterwards, Bolt was understandably angry and snapped at reporters who asked about the disqualification. But, Bolt, you need to grow up a little bit. Take some ownership. You’re more than happy to talk about your victories. Time to talk about your defeats and failures as well. Take the bitter with the better, as the saying goes. I know Bolt is cocky and, considering he’s the fastest man in the world, he has the right to be. However, to see the look on his face, it was classic. I love to see the cocky athlete fall a little bit. Then, watch as they act like a child as they get angry afterwards.

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Double-amputee Oscar Pistorius will compete for South Africa at this month’s World Championships in South Korea. He will be the first amputee-athlete compete at the championships ever. Pistorious had been banned from competitions, saying he had an unfair advantage over the other runners.

Pistorious, who also ran a time fast enough to qualify him for next year’s Summer Olympics in London, will compete in the 400-meter run and the 4 by 400-meter relay.

It would obviously be a great story to see him compete well. I found it a little ridiculous that he was banned from competition against able-bodied runners. I hope he makes it through the heats, and it would be great to see him get on the podium.

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Former gold-medal winner Marion Jones was cut by the WNBA’s Tulsa Shock. Jones, who won three gold medals and two bronze medals at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, but gave the medals back and served time in prison for lying about taking steroids.

The development isn’t a surprise, as Jones had struggled, but it is somewhat sad. With Jones trying to move on from the steroid scandal that ruined her track and field career, it could have been a somewhat feel good story to see her succeed or at least make a team.

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