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Election Day

This isn’t going to bash one candidate or the other. I’m just writing to say, if you can, please vote. This is important. We’re electing the man to lead our country for the next four years. No matter if you support Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, show your support by voting. The democratic process is one of the things that makes America great. We are the shining example of democracy. Please don’t waste this opportunity. So many people around the world would give a lot to have the chance we have today. This will be only the second Presidential election I’ve taken part in (I turned 18 in 2008). And let me tell you, I felt not only a great sense of pride, but a great sense of responsibility.

Lots of people will tell you one vote doesn’t matter. That it may seem like, to quote my favorite movie of the year and one of my all time favorite books, one drop in a seemingly limitless ocean. But, what is an ocean if not a multitude of drops?

Take some time. Vote.

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With today being Patriot Day, it seems it would be wrong not to mention today. I was only in sixth grade when the World Trade Center towers were hit, but I, like many, remember exactly where I was when I first heard the news. I’m not going to even try to write some moving tribute, however. There are people who are far more talented than I am who could write something much more moving and expressive than I ever could. But, it seems weird to me now that there are children growing up who didn’t experience 9/11 and to them, it’s just another holiday on the calendar. It’s an odd feeling to know that enough time has passed that there’s going to be a large number of people that will continue to grow that won’t fully understand the impact of what happened.

Anyways, today should be a reminder that amid football season and baseball season and the fall movie season, let’s not forget the more important things in life. That life is fragile. That at a moment’s notice, everything can change and everything we thought we knew is no longer. That, in the end, we should be focusing on important things, our families, our friends and those who are most important to us. It’s a shame that how united we were as a country didn’t last. And, it’s a shame it takes a tragedy like that to make people come together.

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Jim Rogers recently had a blog post that you can read here. In short it says that the southern Higher Education institutions should take 75 percent of the State tax revenue since, pretty much because of Las Vegas, southern Nevada generates 75 percent of the State tax revenue.

You know Mr. Rogers, I understand the higher education system has a lack of funding, I experienced it being a Nevada college student the past couple years. But, your thinking is idiotic beyond belief. First, one thing that’s always bothered me is why Northern Nevada and Southern Nevada are essentially seen as separate states. I understand in-state rivalries are great for college sports. But, it’s like the other half the state doesn’t matter. We are all part of Nevada. We ALL are.

I understand the need for splitting the revenue equally, but why should Southern Nevada institutions be entitled to so much more? Let me make a case here. It’s the University of Nevada, Reno that had global attention when it did the first original pronunciation performance of “Hamlet” in centuries after nearly being cut. It was the University of Nevada, Reno’s student newspaper that’s continually won national awards for the best college newspaper in the nation. It was the University of Nevada, Reno that, quite frankly, a majority of the people I know wanted to go to over Las Vegas.

My family lives in Las Vegas. You want to know why I chose the University of Nevada, Reno over Vegas? Because I wanted to leave home. Because I wanted to go to a university that had a very highly regarded journalism school. Both northern and southern universities should receive funding. Throwing one region under the bus does nothing.

Another reason why his philosophy is flawed? If every state took your “advice” then Portland State should receive more funding than the University of Oregon or Oregon State University. I can promise you the answer to university’s funding problems is not to throw the northern schools under the bus.

Grow up Rogers. And how bout trying to present a reasonable solution?

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This article is a must read for everyone. You can read it here:

The article is important for two reasons. One, journalists put their lives in danger far more often than gets noticed to bring people the news. I understand that every job has its challenges, but let’s not forget the journalists who every day worry about whether they’ll ever see their families again and still bring the news to us. So, while people certainly have the right to criticize the media, and it does make numerous mistakes in judgements and facts, don’t overlook the fact that there are a lot of brave journalists out there. Could you report the news all the while getting bombed and risk getting killed?

The other reason this article is important because it brings to the forefront the issue of open journalism at home. Regardless of your political affiliation, Jay Trapper brings up some very good points. President Obama (like most Presidents have) promised a more transparent government. Yet, when reporters have tried to blow the whistle, they get brought to court. President Obama’s administration has used the Espionage Act six times to take whistleblowers to court. It was used three times total previously since its inception according to Trapper.

Let us do our job. The White House was quick to praise the journalists’ efforts overseas to bring the truth, but it seems like attempts at aggressive journalism at home are being stymied. And that might be even more dangerous.

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