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With the success of “Avatar” the success of the 3D re-release of “Titanic” and the upcoming “Avatar” sequels which will shoot back to back, one project has been pushed to the back burner. Way back when, “Battle Angel” was going to be James Cameron’s next project. Now, Cameron said it will still come…after the “Avatar” sequels.

“‘Battle Angel’ is just a great, kick-ass story,” Cameron told MTV in an interview. “…”[But] I see the good that the ‘Avatar’ franchise can do in terms of keeping a world audience cognizant of our relationship with nature, but doing it in an entertainment context. Ultimately, I think there’s more good to be done there than with ‘Battle Angel’.”

The film is based on the Japanese manga, the story is set in a cyborg-dominated 26th century, 300 years after society fell to a catastrophic war. The main character is a young girl in a cyborg body who, after being found in wreckage and repaired, realizes that she has lost her memory and doesn’t even know who she really is.

Cameron also said that the film would have to be pried from his hands before he let someone else direct it.

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Warner Brothers is set to adapt the popular manga “Bleach”.

First published as a serial in Weekly Shōmen Jump, “Bleach” tells the story of a young man, Ichigo Kurosaki, who has the power to see ghosts. His life is forever changed after a run-in with a woman named Rukia Kuchiki, who tracks evil spirits called Hollows. She transfers her powers to Ichigo and he takes up the mantle of Soul Reaper, strandind her in the mortal world.

Peter Segal (Get Smart) is reportedly going to direct while Dan Mazeau (Wrath of the Titans) will pen the script.

I don’t know if I’m excited for this. It still might fall through. Everyone remembers “Cowboy Bebop” which was going to star Keanu Reeves right? Anyways, I’m not sold that this is a good idea.

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