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Rob Zombie has made his name in horror from “The Devil’s Rejects” to “Halloween” and his recently completed “The Lords of Salem”. And his next film will be “Broad Street Bullies” which is a hockey film that Zombie describes as “Rocky” meets “Boogie Nights”. So…a hockey film that’s Rocky mixed with Boogie nights from a director known for grotesque horror.

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Interesting article from the Wall Street Journal, which you can read here. The article compares a player’s salary in relation to what the average salary was of all other athletes at that time in their sport. Some names you’d expect and, some that you wouldn’t. You guys should check it out.

On a broader note, it does show the discrepancy even among athletes. Players like Alex Rodriguez or Joe Montana of course are going to get lots of money. But they make so much more even than the average baseball or football player. And, if you really look at list, you’ve got to wonder, how many of those players were really worth it? Sure, you’d be pretty safe arguing Michael Jordan was, but a lot of those players, let’s be honest. Their track record wasn’t that good.

It does beg the question, if you were starting a team in any of the four major sports, which, if any, modern athletes would you pay that kind of money to lead your team?

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