Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt star in this sci-fi blockbuster. Will you want to see Cruise’s latest or is this a misfire.

The Good: This summer has been an overall positive one for action films. And “Edge of Tomorrow” is another pleasant surprise. Director Doug Liman takes a more light hearted approach to this film, and it was a definite smart move. Contrary to the tone of the trailers, there’s quite a lot of humor in it, and it all works.

Cruise gives a strong performance. Sure, he may not be on his “Collateral” level, but he shows he’s still capable of leading a summer tent pole. Blunt is also strong, along with a surprisingly fun performance from Bill Paxton and the cast has a lot of chemistry together on screen.

But just because it’s more light hearted than films like “Looper” and “Source Code”, doesn’t mean it’s without its share of thrills. The beach scene teased in the trailers is truly a spectacle to behold.

Seeing Cruise relive the same day may not seem exciting, but it is as he tries his best to prevent the chaos that is happening all around him.

The Bad: There’s a lot to like in “Edge of Tomorrow”. But it’s not without faults. Most notably is the ending, mainly because it feels a little like a cop out. Some of the supporting cast doesn’t get nearly enough screen time to get the emotional reaction they’re going for in a key sequence.

The Final Word: A fun, entraining thrill ride, “Edge of Tomorrow” is a blast. Thanks to some strong visuals and an impressive set piece, this is summer sci fi popcorn entertainment at its best. It may not be as serious as previous time traveling films, but it’s a fun romp.

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