Gru (Steve Carrell) is back in “Despicable Me 2”. Does this one live up to the original? Or is this a big disappointment?

The Good

Universal played it relatively safe with this sequel. Not that it’s a big problem. The minions are back in full force, which have become icons in pop culture already, so if you love the minions, you won’t be disappointed. They play a big role this time with some hilarious nods to classic films.  I did wonder while I was watching how the supposed minions movie will hold up. You can only take so much minion mayhem right? There are some clever moments here, especially in the beginning as the plot is getting set up and the new additions to the voice cast, mainly Kristen Wiig and Benjamin Bratt, are a hoot. And, Gru’s relationship with the girls tries to pull on your heart strings.

The Bad

Unfortunately, The end of “Despicable Me” meant Gru is a far less interesting character in this film than before. He’s the most boring character on screen, never a good thing when he’s your main character. For every great line of dialogue, there’s some ones that don’t work. This is a very unevenly paced film and, frankly, this film fails to equal the original in almost every department.

The Final Word

This isn’t a bad film. But it’s a completely unnecessary one that fails to match the first film in every regard. You could do worse, but this one is a big disappointment in my book, despite some positives.

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