I’ll admit it. There were a few seasons where I stopped watching “The Office” completely. But from the very first season where we were introduced to Michael Scott (Steve Carell) to Thursday’s series finale, I’ll say this. It my favorite comedic series I’ve ever seen. Last night’s finale I thought, except for a few hiccups, was perfect. I loved Scott’s cameo. Carell talked about not wanting to overshadow everyone. This was the perfect way to do it. It was hilarious. It was emotional. And, it seemed like the perfect way to end the show. “The Office” has been one of my favorite shows because of its simplicity.

It was relatable as we’ve all had bosses and co-workers like the ones we’ve seen on the show. There were touching moments, of course, numerous laugh-out-loud moments, a few missteps, but all in all, a great series. The final 15-20 minutes of the series finale is the definition of perfection for “The Office”. And by the end of it, I felt a lot like I was saying good-bye to an old friend.

As Pam (Jenna Fischer) put it, “there’s beauty in ordinary things.”

There’s no clearer example of that than “The Office.

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