Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master” and ‘There Will Be Blood” have been two critically acclaimed films. Now he’s coming back with “Inherent Vice”, which (from Cinema Blend) is “set in Los Angeles from the winter of 1969 through the summer of 1970, Inherent Vice centers on a pot-smoking private detective named Larry “Doc” Sportello as he investigates a kidnapping case that involves his ex-girlfriend, Shasta Fay Hepworth.”

Joaquin Phoenix has joined the cast to play the detective and rumors are that Charlize Theron and Benicio Del Toro are close to joining the film as well. Now comes reports that Owen Wilson is joining the film in an unspecified, but large, role in the film. This could be interesting! You know that it’ll be hard to watch, but will at least generate some discussion afterwards.

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