Keanu Reeves has largely stayed out of the spotlight aside from making the excellent documentary “Side By Side”. That could be changing. He’ starring in the troubled, upcoming film “47 Ronin”. And now he’s set to star in a new sci fi film from director Brian Kirk (“Game of Thrones”, “Boardwalk Empire”). Jon Spaihts, one of the writers on “Prometheus” is writing the script which is said to center around “a spacecraft transporting thousands of people to a distant colony planet that has a malfunction in one of its sleep chambers. As a result, a single passenger (Reeves) is awakened 90 years before anyone else… He eventually decides to wake up a second passenger, marking the beginning of what becomes a unique love story (From Deadline)”.

Sounds a little bit like “The Lake House”, which he co-starred with Sandra Bullock in that it’s a love story with a sci-fi twist. I realize a lot of people didn’t care for “The Lake House”, but I think that film is underrated. And I have hopes that this one could lead to some interesting moments.

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