This should come as no surprise. A sequel to “Dredd 3D” is off the table at this point. The film bombed badly last year and despite being a pretty enjoyable film starring Karl Urban, let’s face it, not many people were clamoring for more Dredd before that film came out. But producer Adi Shankar should give fans a little hope. Similar to Thomas Jane’s Punisher short, “Dirty Laundry”, we could be seeing more of the judge. Here’s what he said during his Reddit session:

“Thank you. If DREDD becomes a cult hit it will be awesome. Last September was a terrible month … DREDD bombed and then LOOPER became a massive hit a week later!

Nothing against LOOPER! I think Rian Johnson is a genius and I think Joseph Gordon Levitt will become his generation’s Matt Damon. Ram Bergman, the movie’s real producer, is one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. I would tell you how I really felt about the movie’s financier James D. Stern but I think I’d get into trouble … However, most importantly I loved watching Looper.

“I saw it in theaters because I heard it was gritty and violent.” I wish more movie goers said that.

I agree with you on the deserving a trilogy part … well at least I’m working on a Dredd short…it’s because the movie totally bombed and R-rated movies are a tough sell to begin with. The problem is a sci-fi project is intrinsically more expensive than a walking and talking movie…Veronica Mars only raised $2 mil…which is a lot of money but not nearly enough to make a good sci-fi movie.”

I find it funny that he trashed “Looper” like that. I do think the film was overrated, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt was great in it and I did like it more than “Dredd” if I’m being honest.

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