By now, fans of “Veronica Mars” know, its Kickstarter reached its goal in less than a day. That means the show from Rob Thomas and starring Kristen Bell (“Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) is looking like it’s going to get the big screen treatment and soon. But this development could have far reaching impacts. First, many shows should be very excited Zachary Levi, star of “Chuck” said this is a good sign and that fans should be patient and wait for more news. Warner Brothers owns the rights to both “Veronica Mars” and “Chuck”. On a personal level, this gives me hope for the “Friday Night Lights” movie based on the TV show. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton were amazing and that series was, for my money, the best TV series I’ve ever watched. Shawn Ryan, the creator of “The Shield” has also expressed interest in the past about making a movie. HBO’s “Deadwood” could also benefit from this. Clearly this could open the flood gates. The question is whether that’ a good thing.

WB stands to basically ask fans to pay for it twice. Help fund the movie, then pay to see the movie. WB’s investment is minimal and they rake in nearly all profits that way. There’s talk that studios could turn to Kickstarter more and more to fund projects to minimize financial risk. This would be a bad development for a variety of reasons. First, Kickstarter was meant for more independent projects. If you have major studios or big named directors like David Fincher (who tried his own Kickstarter project in the past) using it, it seems to defeat the purpose of the site. Second, the studios using it as a way to fund movies just seems, on a moral level wrong. If they’re not willing to invest their own money in a project, is the project worth moving forward? And audiences are paying enough as it is. You’re telling me that you’re going to ask us for more money?

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