“Guardians of the Galaxy” is already shaping up to be a weird blockbuster. It’ll be set 95 percent in space, feature a character named Star Lord, a talking raccoon and more. Now comes word that the Nova Corps will be in the film. They are much like the Green Lantern Corps if I understand everything correctly. From First Showing: first appeared in 1976 and are an intergalactic military force that serves the Marvel Universe. Their power, called the Nova Force, comes from an unlimited energy source found in a living computer (trippy, I know). One of their members is a teenage kid from Arizona named Sam Alexander who has the powers of strength, flight, and resistance to injury. He meets the Guardians of the Galaxy, and in the comics, he’s ultimately asked to become a part of The Avengers.

We still don’t know if Thanos will be in the film or not. But apparently Tony Stark/Iron Man will. James Gunn is directing and Chris Pratt will star.

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