This could turn out to be one of the more intriguing films to watch. Jessie Eisenberg, Diane Kruger and Emile Hirsch have joined the film “Midnight Sun”, which is set in the 1940s and will be an atomic bomb drama. The film centers around two recent graduates (Eisenberg and Hirsch) who are hired to work on a secret project in New Mexico. With one of their wives in tow (Kruger), the group ditches its free-wheeling, jazz-heavy New York past and heads west to live with a secret desert community of scientists.

Sounds like this can go one of two ways. Ethical or more horror. Should be interesting. Eisenberg and Hirsch haven’t really truly broken out like I think a lot of people thought after their respective breakout roles (Eisenberg in “The Social Network” and Hirsch in “Into the Wild”. But this could help change that.

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