While “Iron Man 3” is set to be a big blockbuster this summer, “Thor: Dark World” is a little more mysterious. Chris Hemsworth is of course back, Natalie Portman is returning as Jane and so is Tom Hiddleston as Loki. But director Kenneth Branagh did not return and “Game of Thrones” director Alan Taylor is in.

Here’s what producer Craig Kyle said about the film:

“By bringing director Alan Taylor into the mix, with his expertise on ‘The Sopranos,’ ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Game of Thrones,’ we came up with a take that allows us to get more into the nooks and crannies of Asgard and its people. We spend more time on the ground with the commoners, as opposed to in the palace.

We do know that Christopher Eccleston is playing Malekith and leading the Dark Elves and that a second villain named Algrim the Strong plays a big role. Kyle also said in the interview that the film will open with the Marauders invading Asgard. Now, the Marauders show up in X-Men stories a lot and, according to some sources, also appear as human terrorists and Hawkeye and Gwen Stacey team up to stop them. Which means unless a miracle deal happens between Disney, Fox and Sony they will likely be very different than what they are in the comics.

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