While I’ll be watching the San Francisco 49ers take on the Baltimore Ravens because of Colin Kaepernick, a player I covered in college, an added bonus is glimpses of a few of the year’s biggest blockbusters. Here’s a list (so far) of the films that will air teasers during the big game:

“Oz The Great and Powerful”

“Star Trek: Into Darkness”

“Fast Six”

“Iron Man 3”


“The Lone Ranger”.

Of this list, I think “Fast Six” and “Oz” have the most to prove to me. I’m a big fan of “Fast Five”, but I’m wary of the serious continuing. As for “Oz”, it just looks a little bit like background from “Alice in Wonderland” and just doesn’t excite me right now. Those two films in particular need to make a big impact for me to get excited about them.

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