Since Disney announced J.J. Abrams would be helming “Star Wars Episode VII” a lot of people have been justifiably excited. I was one of them. The man who created “Lost”, made “Star Trek” cool again, saved “Mission Impossible” and more would be taking over a beloved franchise that, to put it nicely, disappointed a lot of fans with the prequel trilogy. What could go wrong?

Let me start by saying until proven otherwise, I have confidence in Abrams. I’m just also nervous that this film isn’t going to be everything we’re wanting it to be. And here’s why.

First, I know the debate will rage over Trekkies and Star Wars. But one thing you can’t deny, they share a lot of similarities. Planets, aliens, space battles, etc. Abrams needs to be careful not to make “Star Trek 3” with “Star Wars” characters. Yes, there will be lens flare. But I’m more worried about too many similar themes, too many similar characters, etc.

I’m also a little worried about his reverence for directors like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. “Super 8” was a good film that I enjoyed, but it was almost trying too hard to pay homage to Spielberg. And that’s where a lot of its flaws came up. Can Abrams, who said he is a huge Star Wars fan in a statement last November, really create a unique vision without trying too hard to pay respect to Lucas?

I suppose the biggest concern I have is we already have seen Abrams’ vision for a sci-fi universe in “Star Trek”. Frankly, I’d like to see him try something original again, no homage to anyone, no material to draw from, just give it a go. Let someone else bring a new vision to “Star Wars”. I’ve already seen what Abrams can do. And while it’s very good, can he really make it any different from what we’ve seen?

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