The first weekend of the new year sees the return of Leatherface, “Texas Chainsaw 3D” looks to revive the horror reboot genre. In recent years, films like “Scream 4” and even “Paranormal Activity 4” showed major signs of fatigue. That being said, it was “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remake back in 2003 starring Jessica Biel that kicked off this whole remake horror film trend. And Lionsgate is marketing this pretty well. It should give the top spot a run for its money.

Opening weekend: $19-22 million

The other two films expand, but neither gets a super wide release. First, there is “Promised Land” starring Matt Damon. The film looks a little preachy though and I can’t imagine this earning more than $3 million. The other film is “The Impossible” starring Naomi Watts. An odd movie to expand right after the holidays given its subject matter, expect this one to make around $2 million.

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