This year in movies had many high points. From “The Hunger Games” all the way to “Django Unchained” there’s been a lot of great movies. But, as with every year, there were several movies that just failed to meet expectations. Which one was the biggest disappointment of all?

Some movies that were in the running for my biggest disappointment:

“Brave”: Not that this was a terrible film. But it wasn’t good by Pixar’s standards. What could have been a return to form was instead a second-rate Disney princess film that lacked the inventiveness and the heart of Pixar’s classics.

“John Carter”: It was based on the book that inspired such classics like “Star Wars” so this should have been a home run. Instead it was a boring, muddled mess.

“Resident Evil: Retribution”: Look, I had low expectations. But when I started mocking the movie with fake lines and events that then later happened during the movie, we’re in a whole new level of bad.

“Dark Shadows”: I’m starting to become worried about Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. The two made the sub-par “Alice in Wonderland” and this year’s “Dark Shadows” was just plain bad.

“The Amazing Spider-Man”: Simply because the trailers seemed to show much more promise. The film left entire scenes from the trailer out and seemed to skip the parents’ backstory, which was one of the biggest selling points.

“Red Tails”: This should have been a moving experience a la “Saving Private Ryan”. Instead we got a cheesy, badly acted film that does nothing to honor the pilots.

My biggest disappointment: “The Dark Knight Rises”

Again, not a terrible film. In fact, it’s a good film. But that doesn’t cut it. Christopher Nolan is a victim of his own success here. But the film is probably the least tense, least exciting, least interesting and the worst of the trilogy. It falls back to normal Superhero convention. And after “redefining” the rules with “The Dark Knight” this is a major step backwards.

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