The first trailer has been released for J.J. Abrams “Star Trek Into Darkness”. Now can we tell who the villain is? Of course, in true Abrams fashion, not definitively, but I have my guess.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays Gary Mitchell, who appeared in the very first episode of “Star Trek”. Why do I think that? First, there are shots of Cumberbatch in a uniform that looks a lot like the one Kirk (Chris Pine) wore in the first film. There’s also talk about closeness and him coming back for vengeance. Why does this fit Mitchell? In the show, the two are very close before Mitchell goes haywire. Perhaps in this film, Kirk is forced to abandon Mitchell at the beginning of the film and he comes back to seek revenge?

Another strong clue to this is Alice Eve’s character, who I think it’s safe to assume is Elizabeth Dehner. She’s featured prominently in the episode with Mitchell, though things don’t exactly end ideally for her in that episode.

Just some of the utter destruction teased in the poster fits with Mitchell as well. In the episode he gets God-like abilities, making him capable of wreaking havoc. To me, it seems all the clues are pointing to Mitchell…except…

In the international version, one scene makes a lot of people think Khan is the villain. It’s a short shot of two hands touching a glass wall together. A scene which Trek fans should know since it’s similar to the scene where Spock dies in “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan”. Still, I doubt they’d kill off one of the big characters this early in the series. And it’s more likely that that could be the scene where Mitchell “dies” before coming back to get revenge.

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