Awards season is flying toward us now. The Oscars are just months away. We know the heavy hitters like “Argo” and “Lincoln” are going to get Best Picture nominations. Which films might get snubbed and which films likely will get nominations that aren’t deserving?

One big snub that I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens is “Moonrise Kingdom”. That film has become one of my favorite comedies of all time. But it seems just too quirky for the Academy’s (Or, older voters’) tastes. Which would be a shame because for the life of me I don’t see why “Midnight in Paris” got all that acclaim last year. It was a good film, nothing particularly amazing in my book, and this is coming from a Woody Allen fan.

Another snub may be “Django Unchained”. It’s hard to tell because the film isn’t out yet, but think about this. The Oscars have a love/hate thing going with Quentin Tarantino. And this subject matter will likely be far less appealing to the Academy than “Inglourious Basterds”.

Lastly, and I realize this isn’t really a snub except probably in my eyes, but “Cloud Atlas”. This film is amazing. It’s different, which always hurts when it comes to the Oscars and it is a thrilling, emotional ride that needs to be seen. Seriously. If you see one film this year, “Cloud Atlas” should be it and it’s not close.

Now to the films that will likely get nominations that don’t deserve to.

“The Master”. Look, it’s a film that can be admired but not loved. The acting was great. Frankly though, as a whole it’s not even close to “There Will Be Blood” .

“Life of Pi”. You know what? This is a good movie. At its best it’s amazing. But it sags in the middle and it just never found the consistency to be a truly great film.

Just some early thoughts. Let me know what you guys think!

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