Ang Lee is back with a bold, ambitious adaptation of an “un-filmmable” book (sound familiar?)

The Good

First, let me start, “Life of Pi”, when it’s all clicking is a wonder to experience. It’s one of those rare films that combines visual beauty with real emotions from its characters and a strong performance from Suraj Sharma. Lee’s adaptation translates some challenging themes and scenes from the book wonderfully to the screen. There’s some humor, some real tension and some real emotion, especially at the end.

The Bad

“Life of Pi” has the makings of an amazing, transcendent film. However, it falls short of that. The middle really sagged and the movie felt a lot longer than its running time. Which is also a strange feeling because at the same time, I also felt the running time should have been longer, with more of a focus given to certain parts. My main problem is I felt the film could have done with less of Pi and the Tiger. Frankly, it gets old with not much progress being made.

The Final Word

This isn’t quite a masterpiece, though it comes close. But, “Life of Pi” is a good, sometimes great, sometimes boring, film that really is one of the more unique films you’ll see this year.

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