This isn’t going to bash one candidate or the other. I’m just writing to say, if you can, please vote. This is important. We’re electing the man to lead our country for the next four years. No matter if you support Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, show your support by voting. The democratic process is one of the things that makes America great. We are the shining example of democracy. Please don’t waste this opportunity. So many people around the world would give a lot to have the chance we have today. This will be only the second Presidential election I’ve taken part in (I turned 18 in 2008). And let me tell you, I felt not only a great sense of pride, but a great sense of responsibility.

Lots of people will tell you one vote doesn’t matter. That it may seem like, to quote my favorite movie of the year and one of my all time favorite books, one drop in a seemingly limitless ocean. But, what is an ocean if not a multitude of drops?

Take some time. Vote.

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