So, yes “Castle Wolfenstein” is still moving forward as a movie. And now, Roger Avary, who won an Oscar with Quentin Tarantino for “Pulp Fiction” for their screenplay, will write and direct the film. According to, the movie will follow  “a young US Army Captain and a British Special Agent on a top secret mission to Castle Wolfenstein, where Hitler will be for the unveiling of a new secret weapon. After reaching the Castle, our heroes are confronted with Himmler’s SS Paranormal Division and must fight, not only for their survival, but for a mission that could alter the course of the War.”

No cast has been announced, though getting award-winning screenwriter to help is certainly a good start. And, hopefully he can get some brutal violence in this film, as I take it would fit the overall tone of the video game. Maybe this can be the one to help video game movies break out. It can’t be as bad as “Silent Hill: Revelations” right?

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