Jennifer Lawrence has had quite a good few years. From her role in “X-Men: First Class” to “The Hunger Games”, Lawrence seems to be on her way to establishing herself as a big name actress. Much like Sam Worthington, her introduction to audiences has been through blockbusters, including one mega hit. But, this is where she appears to be on her way. Her role in “Silver Linings Playbook”, from David Russell (“The Fighter”) looks to take her to the next level. This film has huge amounts of Oscar buzz behind it. And, much of the praise is going to Lawrence’s performance. This type of critically acclaimed performance is showing not only can she carry a franchise, she’s got a heap load of talent. That means she’ll have longevity and we’ll see her possibly pushing the edge, finding new and different roles. Think Brad Pitt. Think Leonardo DiCaprio. “SLP” is proving Lawrence has that kind of potential. From the looks of this film, Lawrence is showing the world not only can she act in effects driven films, she can hold our attention through almost any film.

Of course, much is dependent on the roles she chooses. Anna Kendrick is an also very talented actress who seems to choose roles that, frankly, are beneath her and don’t take advantage of her talent. But, Lawrence’s short career so far shows no signs of that and she is looking like she’s becoming one of today’s finest actresses.

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